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Cool GadgetsHow many hours do you usually spend at your computer? The answer is probably way too much. Computers have become not only our helpers and substitution of typing machines, but they have evolved into integral parts of our lives. You are not a top shelf journalist if you don’t wish for the latest Mac model, you are not a programmer if you are comfortable with working on a single monitor, you are not a gamer if you don’t nag that your computer is constantly too slow for your awesome gaming skills. Today, computers are so much more than a big grey box with an even bigger grey box with a monitor on top. We have collected all the cool gadgets for your computer to make it even more personal and pleasant for you to work at.

Washable KeyboardWashable Keyboard
Hello to our fellow workaholics who spend their lunch break working! We are pretty sure that within a month there is an extra sandwich hidden under the buttons of your keyboard. Here is a brilliant solution – a washable keyboard! Plus, there is no need to change the keyboard every time you spill something on it.

Pixelated Hand Shaped MousePixelated Hand Shaped Mouse
Now you can put your own hand over this hand shaped mouse. The design looks something from Windows 95, so consider it to be vintage! There is no doubt it will become a very stylish accent of your computer desk.

PigChum USB HubPigChum USB Hub
Today, a regular person owns a phone, a player, a camera, a tablet and a whole bunch of other popular electronic gadgets that all can be charged or connected to a computer by USB. With this super cute USB hub you can connect 3 USB ports into a single one. And did we mention it’s super cute?

Outlet With USB ChargerOutlet With USB Charger
Let’s continue with the USB topic with this outlet from the selfie sticks and smart glasses era. An outlet with USB ports – what can be better? Nothing! The shell has spoken!

Keyboard Organizer With USB HubKeyboard Organizer With USB Hub
If you like us, you probably also spend half an hour in the morning organizing stuff on your desktop in order to uncover the keyboard on your desk. This is an elegant keyboard organizer that will make sure your keyboard is always where it should be. The USB hub is a pleasant bonus.

Plush Toast SpeakerPlush Toast Speaker
Who can’t resist this little guy? This is a plush wireless speaker that can be connected by Bluetooth or with an audio jack. When you pull it onto your iPad or other tablet we are pretty sure you won’t want to take it off ever again.

Game Boy Hard DriveGame Boy Hard Drive
A hard drive that looks like a game boy is another detail of your computer equipment that will make your unique geeky style even cooler. Now you can carry all your files with you in a pretty awesome way.

Robot Head Portable ChargerRobot Head Portable Charger
Running out of battery at a vital moment is the most horrible modern plaque of any gadget fan, for sure. This adorable portable charger looks like a robot head and will become your salvation in situations of this kind. Plug your dying device into the robot head and charge any gadget like a boss.

Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with LED FanGaming Laptop Cooling Pad with LED Fan
LED makes everything look much better and this gaming laptop cooling pad is not an exception. If you want to make sure your precious laptop doesn’t overheat and look like a cyber-guru at the same time, this is the right choice for you.

BEEMO HeadphonesBEEMO Headphones
Admit it; these are the headphones of your dreams. You can enjoy your music while people around you ponder your incredible ability to purchase only the very best. Frankly speaking, this item doesn’t need a description at all since we are speaking about BEEMO headphones.

There is no doubt that you can live easily without any of these cool gadgets, but the question is, will your life be as awesome as it will with any of these amazing computer gadgets?!

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