How to Download the Best Software and Avoid Malware

How to Download SoftwareThere are hundreds of websites that test, review and post software, so if you are in need of a certain app, it probably wouldn’t be a problem getting it. Or would it? The point is it’s hard to detect which resources provide real feedback and share programs without sharing malware. The only way to make sure of this is through trial and error, but we have already done that for you by listing the most reliable and user friendly software websites. But first, let’s find out what makes a good software resource.
It’s hard to choose one program from loads of software listed on the site; that’s why it’s crucial to find a website that’s easy to navigate. All programs should be listed in categories – the more the better. Also, a good resource must make malware checks for each program that is added to the listings. Finally, active customer support is vital for users. Now, let’s review the top 6 best websites that deal with software downloads.

If you have certain faves and are looking for programs that are similar to them in one way or another, then AlternativeTo is the one to choose. As the name suggests, the site shows alternatives to all sorts of programs. It can be very useful if you like some applications but don’t want to pay for it and are looking for a similar set of instruments at a lower or zero price.

2. Softpedia
If you are paranoid about malware infections, Softpedia is a recommended resource for you. This site was founded in Romania and was the first software portal that used powerful antiviral and antispyware tools to inspect the applications. Their example has inspired many leading services to perform virus scans, and today Softpedia’s content is considered to be one of the most reliable in the cyberspace. Easy navigation and loads of information about Windows, Mac, and Linux tools, games, mobile software, drivers, technology, science, health and entertainment topics make this website extremely popular all over the world.

3. FileHippo
FileHippo was established back in 2003 in the UK and is now included in the list of top software directories. It has everything you are looking for in this type of resource and also features its own product – FileHippo Update Checker. The title is self-explanatory: it automatically scans your software and alerts you if some of them are outdated. All you need to do is click on a suggested link and update these programs. Another good characteristic is the fact that they don’t accept software submissions from developers, which means FileHippo editors review new releases and list only those that deserve attention.

4. Software Puppy
Aged directories like are appreciated thanks to their extensive experience and years of work and improvements, but younger resources can benefit by using tried-and-true methods and creating fresh and user friendly download sites skipping the trial-and-error stage. For example, Software Puppy, which launched in 2013, already appears to be competitive enough and features hundreds of popular applications which are free of malware and easy to find. This directory has users and editorial reviews, and also displays real ratings to help you make a choice.

5. FileHorse
FileHorse is a user friendly and nicely designed directory full of freeware, shareware and trialware. All the products are conveniently listed in categories and come with detailed descriptions and screenshots.

6. FreewareFiles
This software directory has one great feature that differs from the others listed above. They publish their own ‘Top 100 list of various software’ by categories. This list simplifies your search considerably since all the best, let’s say, audio and video tools are already organized for you. There are descriptions of programs, their rating and the number of downloads shown as well, so this saves time from setting multiple filters and reading reviews of each program like you need to do on other software directories. Another great fact is that FreewareFiles offer the latest software versions so you don’t need to go to a developer’s site to check possible updates.

7. MajorGeeks
This is the site where the administration carefully test and hand pick what type of software to post and what to avoid. You won’t likely find each and any program because they don’t list useless or not that powerful products. However, there is a zero chance you can possible get any malware while downloading anything from MajorGeeks. They install and scan every single program, so if a software is reviewed by Major Geeks, you can be absolutely sure it is safe for your computer.

You may be wondering why such massive directories such as Softonic and CNET are not listed in our top five. The point is both Softonic and CNET were reported to install adware on your computer when you download programs from there. Although adware doesn’t harm your machine and is only aimed at marketing, most users hate invasive ads, and if you do to, we don’t recommend using these resources for downloading software.

If the last decade has taught us anything, it’s that free software can be as dangerous as it is useful. That’s why it’s a wise decision to download free products only from the trusted directories instead of taking risks and diving into the world of software all by yourself. Hopefully, our list has helped you to pick the right resource and find whatever you were looking for.

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