How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Smartphone

How to Extend the Battery Life of Your SmartphoneThe usage of the smartphones has become so widely spread that for the majority of people it’s impossible to get through a day without such a device. Indeed, you are always aware of all the latest news and updates from your friends, and you can chat, call, communicate, watch videos, listen to music, play games, and use a smartphone in so many different ways. The only problem here is the battery life. You’re free to enjoy all the benefits of your phone until the battery runs out. In the majority of the cases, charging the phone is not a problem, especially if you have one of the best charging stations; however, we might not always be able to charge the phone right away as we need it. If you periodically get into a situation when you have to rush to the cable and charge the gadget ASAP, our tips on how to extend the battery life of your smartphone will definitely be helpful to you.

Treat the hardware right
First off, keep in mind that any battery is a hardware. You should first check what type of battery you have in your smartphone and the best way to charge it. The majority of smartphones today run on lithium-ion batteries that don’t have to be 100% charged to work properly. In fact, they can be charged whenever you want and for as long as you decide. There is, however, general advice for batteries of all types: let the battery run down fully once in a while.

Disable Bluetooth/GPS/Wi-Fi if you’re not going to use them
Disabling connections such as GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi can save your phone’s battery life considerably, as in such cases your device will only be connected to your provider’s network. You may turn these network services off for some time throughout the day, let’s say when you’re busy with something besides your smartphone. Also, you may disable or shut down apps that track your location via GPS.

Turn off apps’ instant notifications
Instant push notifications help you feel that you’re aware of all the most recent news. However, this feature also forces the apps to constantly check all the latest updates in the background. Disabling the push notifications that are being updated live will reduce the work of the apps in the background and thus extend the life of your smartphone’s battery.

Disable automatic updates
If the automatic updates of the apps installed on your phone are on, your smartphone will download the updates and install them in the background mode without even notifying you of that. If you want to prevent this from happening at the most inconvenient time, opt for manual control of all the applications’ updates on your phone.

The ads that you stumble upon both in your browser or within some apps consume the battery more than you can imagine. The majority of ads are animated, and they consume the resources of your smartphone and bring plenty of inconvenience with their existence. Installing and enabling ad blockers should never be overlooked, especially if they might help you to prolong the life of the battery of your gadget.

Ditch vibration
Obviously, your phone’s vibration consumes a certain amount of your battery’s charge. Instead of the vibration that simply complements the sound of incoming notifications and calls, you may just leave the sound and get rid of the vibration effect. Android users can turn off the vibration when typing in addition to the general vibration effect.

Adjust the screen’s brightness
A smartphone’s screen is definitely the major part which consumes a lot of the device’s power. If your screen is shining bright like a diamond, your battery’s level will become lower faster than if you adjust the screen’s brightness and lower its level manually. A screen that is dimmed will consume less power, and as a result, will prolong your battery’s life.

Airplane mode
If the end of your battery is near, turn on the airplane mode on your smartphone. This mode disables the connection to your cell provider along with the connection to wireless networks, Bluetooth, etc. Using airplane mode is a much better way to save battery power than turning off your phone, since resetting the phone itself is a battery-consuming task. Airplane mode, though, can be disabled at any time without any stress on the battery.

Portable chargers
Invest in a portable charger to charge the battery on the go. The benefit of such devices is that you can take a rather compact gadget and charge your phone regardless of your location. With the help of portable chargers, the risk of sudden battery death is zero. The only thing you should keep in mind is that these charger have to be charged in advance.

Phone case with a charger
Having a phone case with an in-built charger is also a great option for those who never let their smartphones leave their hands. If portable chargers have to be plugged into the phone through the cable, rechargeable charging cases can just be placed on the phone to charge the battery without any inconvenience.

The sign of a low battery on a smartphone is something that brings horror to any other modern person. With the tips above, you can increase the length of your device’s battery in order to use it without being attached to the closest plug socket.

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  1. Most of these tips also apply to Laptops. Like turning off your wireless devices. Other than that, I don’t see why you would need a remote battery. Most smartphones easily pull off a day of usage. It’s pretty useful if you’re gonna be on the road for a while, but that’s it.

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