Features of Icecream Ebook Reader 3.0

Icecream Ebook Reader 3.0We have just updated Icecream Ebook Reader to version 3.0 that has brought plenty of improvements and some new features. This eBook reader now has a new powerful engine, thanks to which the efficiency and the speed of work of the program that has increased considerably. With the 3.0 version, loading bulky books with thousands of pages has become much faster. Another novelty of the 3.0 version of this e-reader is that the images and the formatted content now appears in a much better, attractive and organized way. In addition to that, all the internal and external links of the eBooks are now clickable. However, a more powerful engine is not the only major improvement in this version, there are some other features that we would like to highlight below. To see how this eBook reader has changed within five months, you can check the throwback list of the features of Icecream Ebook Reader we implemented in October, 2015.

Select Text & Translate
Now whilst reading eBooks in ePub, Mobi and FB2 formats you can select text and translate it with the Google Translate service. Select the text to open the drop-down context menu and choose the “Translate” option. This will automatically open a new tab in the default browser with the text inserted into Google Translate’s source text to be translated to any other language supported by this translation service. Alternatively, after the text selection you can press the Ctrl+T hotkey combination for faster translation.

Select Text & Copy
This feature is as easy to use as it sounds. Select the text of an eBook in ePub, Mobi or FB2 format and a context menu for this highlighted text will show up. To copy the text to your clipboard simply press the “Copy” option from the drop-down menu or press the Ctrl+C hotkey combination. Now you are free to paste the copied text from the eBook whenever and wherever needed.

Performance Improvements
The new engine on which the program is now based is much more powerful than the previous one. It provides considerable improvements to the eBook loading and rendering speed. Thanks to the current engine, users can now enjoy a reading experience at a new, higher level.

The plan for further improvements is actually pretty vast, but we have set a goal to bring to life the following features in April:

  • HiDPI monitor support, so you can read your favorite books on huge monitors like a boss
  • Scroll-bar page navigation to help you navigate the pages of the eBooks easier regardless of the chapters and their numbers
  • Adding notes to make sure all your thoughts, ideas and remarks will never be lost
  • Improved support of Windows tablets for even higher comfort of reading with Icecream Ebook Reader
  • And much more!

Icecream Ebook Reader now has a much better performance and now contains frequently requested features such as select, copy, search, and translate text. However, that’s not the limit of its abilities. Stay tuned to the upcoming versions to see the further improvements of the Icecream Ebook Reader!

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