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Free Plagiarism Checker: Online ToolsPlagiarism checker tools are services that help you figure out if some text or a document has been copied from elsewhere. These tools are widely used by those who strive for unique content: for example, website owners, bloggers, and teachers. When a text is distributed without its author’s permission, it’s an infringement of copyright laws, and that’s why it is important to use trustworthy plagiarism checkers. There are many services of this kind available, however we only searched for free online plagiarism checker tools that don’t require an account. Take a look at what we found out from our research.

Small Seo Tools Plagiarism Checker
This plagiarism checker tool has a search limit of 1000 words. Paste in the text and enter the security code and the text will be checked. Right under the text input field you’ll see which parts of the text that are plagiarised and the uniqueness of the text in percentage form. When clicking the “Plagiarised” mark, you’ll be redirected to a Google search to see the websites where this text presents.
Rating by Icecream Tech Digest: 10/10

Solid Seo Tools Plagiarism Checker
This free plagiarism checker requires you to take several steps to check your text. First, select if it’s an essay, website link, or an article or content, and then paste the text or upload a file with it. After that, select the search type (Google, Yahoo/Bing, or Special) and enter the captcha to start. As soon as this free plagiarism checker service is finished, you’ll see if the content is unique and the percentage of its uniqueness as well as the plagiarised text with the mark “Already exists.” Click the detached strings to find them in one of the preferred search engines.
Rating by Icecream Tech Digest: 10/10

Plagiarism Checker
This online plagiarism checker is a bit more advanced as you can customize your preferences, such as setting Google Alerts and sending them to your email, setting keyboards, and search settings. You can also select whether you want to use Google or Yahoo to check the text. As soon as you proceed with your search, this plagiarism checker will give out the search results of the first 32 words if you’re searching with Google, or 50 words if you’re searching with Yahoo. Right after you’ll be redirected to the search results found by means of the selected search engine.
Rating by Icecream Tech Digest: 10/10

Best Plagiarism Checker by TheSEOTools
This online plagiarism checker has a search limit of 2000 words. You can upload files in this checker and paste a URL. Right after you submit the text, you have to enter a captcha and you’ll see the percentage of content that is unique. Also, you’ll see the strings of text with the plagiarised mark if it’s plagiarised. If you click a string, you’ll be redirected to the Google results containing the plagiarised text.
Rating by Icecream Tech Digest: 10/10

Dupli Checker
This online plagiarism checker has a search limit of 1000 words and it also supports uploading of Docx or text files for posterior checking. When the process is complete, you will see the results with their source links. Clicking the “Compare Text” button will open the link of the website where the text is found with the corresponding text highlighted, which is highly convenient. This service has the following limitations, though: three searches per day, or fifty searches per day with an account.
Rating by Icecream Tech Digest: 8/10

PlagScan SeeSources
This free plagiarism checker tool is extremely easy to use – upload a document or paste the text into the form, prove that you’re not a robot, and hit the “Start analysis” button. This service will provide you with the links to the websites that contain the parts of the plagiarised text. The only thing is that you can only conduct three checks per day unless you go use the professional version of the service.
Rating by Icecream Tech Digest: 8/10
This online tool has limitations when you use it without an account – it only uses Yahoo for the search and shows only one domain for the duplicated text. However, it shows the percentage of the text that is unique, and if you click the plagiarised text, you’ll be redirected to a Yahoo search. A nice feature of this plagiarism checker is that you can create a PDF file with the results. This website also offers a desktop plagiarism checker for your PC.
Rating by Icecream Tech Digest: 6/10

Online plagiarism checker tools we didn’t include:

Plagiarism Software Plagiarism Checker – without an account you can only do a single search per month.

Plagiarism detect – it took forever to load the entered text, and then it turned out the timeout of captcha validation was over so we had to resubmit the captcha again and again and still got nothing.

NOPLAG – this online plagiarism checker has a limit of two searches per day as stated in their terms, however we could only do one. Also, two out of the three searched sentences were marked as plagiarised; the third one was marked as unique, but we used text from an article on our blog.

Paper Rater – when we entered the text, it sort of worked using this service, but the end page of this plagiarism checker was misleading and didn’t provide any information about the text.

Plagium – Plagium didn’t find the text of our blog’s article when we searched the web with the Quick Search mode. The Deep Search mode requires an account.

Free Plagiarism Checker by The Pensters – this plagiarism checker has a 1000-symbol minimum limit, so it simply won’t work if you need to search for a smaller text.

Search Engine Report – the buttons to upload the file and to initiate the plagiarism checker were disabled so we couldn’t use this service at all.

Free Plagiarism Detector Quetext – the first check was successful, but all the later ones were marked as 100% unique, although we used text from our blog’s old articles.

Dustball The Plagiarism Checker – the first time we tried to check the text from our blog, this service said that the text was 100% unique. A bit later we returned to check some other text to make sure that this service is useless, and we stumbled upon a message that our daily free limit (which equals one) was reached.

Free Plagiarism Checker Tool – a piece of text we copied from our blog’s old article turned out to be completely unique.

Plag Tracker – the first search was successful, then for the second search we were asked to provide an email address so that the results could be sent over. When trying to find out what the limitation of the free version of this service was, we came to their support service where tons of both free and premium users were saying that this service doesn’t work at all.

There are plenty of online free plagiarism checker services, however barely half of them are worthy of using. Save yourself time by using a free plagiarism checker from our whitelist above. If Google Search is not sufficient for you, you can check our review of Google Search alternatives.

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