Free Printable Calendars: Best Websites

Free Printable Calendars: Best WebsitesIt’s hard to believe, but it’s already December. Brace yourselves, winter is coming. In a little less than a month a new calendar year will start. All the mistypes and crossed out 5s in the date fields of all documents and papers will appear. Due to the holidays, in January the majority of people won’t even know the right date during the first month of the year. In order not to feel like Chuck Noland from Cast Away, it’s better to get ready for the upcoming 2016 year and turn to printable calendars. No need to download anything or create calendars on your own by means of Word, Excel or PDF editors – you can simply visit certain websites where you can get all sorts of free printable calendars. If you’re not familiar with such resources, we have listed the best websites where you can find, customize and download printable calendars.

PDF calendars:
The whole website is dedicated to timing; you can find world clocks, time zones, timers and, of course, calendars. Three different calendar templates are available to print, and you can also choose whether you want a monthly or yearly calendar, the year or the month, country and language, marking of holidays, the calendar header, and its colors (two options available) and format of the paper. To add personal events you only need to get a free account. The completed, customized calendar is saved as a PDF file.

PDF and Excel calendars: Vertex42
There are two options of calendar formats on this website: PDF (that you can download in just a couple of mouse clicks) and Excel. The good thing about Excel calendars is that you can add your own dates, events, notes, marks and customize your calendar completely in the way you want. Printable calendar templates for yearly, monthly, weekly and some others are available on Vertex42.

PDF, Excel and Word calendars: WinCalendar
On WinCalendar you can not only find PDF and Excel calendar templates, but Word ones as well. There is the possibility on this site to select yearly, monthly and weekly calendars, calendars with US holidays marked and school calendars. For all templates, users can select portrait or landscape orientations, which is rather convenient. Weekly templates have a schedule (8am-6pm or 24-hour options) in all the Word, Excel and PDF templates.

PDF and Word calendars, highly customizable: Calendarlabs
Calendarlabs offers a wide selection of various calendars. Here you can find templates with various styles to be saved in Doc format, including astrology calendars, desktop calendars and many others. Classic yearly, monthly and weekly printable calendars can be edited and customized before being saved as Doc files. As for the PDF calendars, users have three options: astrology calendars, template calendars, and calendars with a custom picture (can be uploaded from PC or by URL). Another nice option is the ability to create desktop calendars; simply upload a picture, add a calendar to it and set it as your desktop wallpaper.

PDF calendar with space for personal notes: Free Printable Calendars
This service offers the most essential features, thus it’s very simple to use. However, the ability to customize the appearance of a calendar is missing. Basically, you get a monthly calendar template or 12 monthly calendar templates for a year, and you can type in notes for each day and then press the “Print” button to print it out immediately or save it as a PDF file (if any Print to PDF software is installed).

PDF, Excel and Word calendars including photo calendars: Calendarpedia
Calendarpedia is a great website with plenty of free, printable calendar templates, each of which can be saved as a Word, Excel or PDF file. Yearly, monthly, weekly, school, academic and many other types of printable calendars are available here. Plus there’s a photo calendar option – select the required calendar and get a template with the upper part of the page left blank so you can add a picture on a PC using a file editing program or just hang the picture right over the printed calendar.

Creating and printing your own customizable calendar with notes, remarks and photos turned out to be easier than it first seemed. Use any of the websites listed above to have your own calendar always at a hand.

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