Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

Horror Movies to Watch on HalloweenThis week is all about Halloween; everybody is totally into celebrating this creepy holiday and getting ready to win the best costume prize, and trick or treat their way to the top. Another great way to feel the Halloween spirit is to watch horror movies, the scarier they are the better. Some movies have become totally iconic with this holiday like the Halloween movie series, and some movies might not turn out to be terrifying at all. We decided to make our own list of our favorite horror movies to watch on Halloween to save you time searching for a decent movie.

The Shining (8.4 rating on IMDB)
Long live the King, Stephen King! This movie, starring Jack Nicholson, is based on a genius book and has become an integral part of modern culture. Redrum everybody!

Saw (7.7 rating on IMDB)
We are pretty jealous of those who have never watched this movie before. You’ll never guess the plot twists. All the many parts of this saga are worthy of watching.

The Omen (7.6 rating on IMDB)
What can be creepier than evil children? Only the child that is Evil with a capital E. This is definitely one of the scariest movies you will see.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (7.5 rating on IMDB)
Well, we couldn’t forget about this classic horror movie that has become legendary. Just stick to the 1984 version to enjoy this masterpiece to the fullest.

Cube (7.3 rating on IMDB)
Cube is a phenomenally scary and extremely captivating movie; feel free to watch all 3 of its parts (Cube, Cube 2: Hypercube and Cube Zero) as all of them are equally awesome!

The Ring (7.1 rating on IMDB)
Both Japanese and US versions as super scary. Dare to watch this movie if you’re not afraid of the famous 7-days’ notice from a girl with long dark hair.

It (6.9 rating on IMDB)
We’re willing to bet that the absolute majority of people who have coulrophobia (a fear of clowns) have watched this movie when they were kids (or adults). A fantastic movie that will make you sleep with the lights on.

Wrong Turn (6.1 rating on IMDB)
Wrong Turn is a great movie about a bunch of teens facing evil somewhere in the woods. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Friday 13th (5.6 rating on IMDB)
This is one of the classic Halloween movies that should be included in any relevant horror movie list. Jason Voorhees is one of the absolute symbols of Halloween and of horror movies in general.

Thir13en Ghosts (5.5 rating on IMDB)
This movie is not a new one for sure, however it’s one of those horror movies that doesn’t lose its awesomeness over the years. Great story, great actors, great everything; totally recommended.

Of course there are many more horror movies to watch, some of them are more art-house movies (like Human Centipede or Antichrist), some of them are scary but more like thrillers, like The Sixth Sense. Feel free to recommend us your favorite horror movie, we’ll see if our tastes match!

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