Icecream Apps Answers Frequently Asked Questions: 2016

Icecream Apps Answers Frequently Asked Questions: 2016It’s been almost two years since we did such a post on our blog so we decided it’s right about time to answer the most frequently asked questions that we get from our users through our contact form, social media, emails, and online chat. We answered the hottest questions, spoke about our future plans, and cleared up some topics. If we missed your questions, then ask us in the comments section!

Are you planning to release new programs?
We are constantly working on possible improvements and updates of our currently released programs as well as on new programs yet to be released. We want our software to be polished, reliable and handy, thus the process of developing new programs is a time- and resource-consuming task. Currently we are working on two new powerful software products and are planning to release them later this year, but so far we would like to keep their names a secret.

Are you planning to support platforms other than Windows and Mac?
We do get this question a lot and we appreciate the desire of our users to have our software on multiple devices of multiple operating systems. That’s why we have already released two Mac versions of our programs: Icecream Screen Recorder for Mac and Icecream PDF Split & Merge for Mac.

As for the other platforms, we can assure you that we are doing our best to release an Android version of Icecream Ebook Reader this year so you’ll be able to keep your reading progress on your mobile on the go as well. An iOS version of our ebook reader is also planned.

As for Linux, so far we don’t plan to release versions of our programs for this OS.

What type of support do you provide?
We try our best to assist our users with all sorts of questions and issues they are facing — that’s why you can always contact our tech support using the contact form here. The tech support team usually replies within two business days. You can also contact us through the online chat available on our website, for example here, and ask your questions online to get an immediate response when operators are available.

How does your licensing work?
The PRO versions of our software require valid PRO licenses that work in the following way: the license is for one user and the number of computers allowed by the License Agreement (in the business environment it means one license for one user and one computer or, in some specific cases for specific programs, two computers if used by same user). If two different users are using the same license key to activate the PRO versions of our software, then it is a violation of Icecream Apps License Agreement.

The Free version can be used for personal use and as a trial before purchasing the PRO version in the business environment.

We do transfer the licenses if you change PC or upgrade hardware. To be able to use the license key again if this happens, simply contact our tech support team to get further assistance.

Is there any way I can help Icecream Apps?
If you find our programs handy and trustworthy, you can share your opinion on your social media accounts, blogs, or spread the word about us among friends. You may also join our Facebook community and follow us on Twitter and Google+. Feel free to suggest new features or report a bug if you find one. Any help is much appreciated.

I am missing a certain feature in your software. Can I request a feature for Icecream Apps’ products?
You may be surprised to find this out, but plenty of the features added to the recent releases of Icecream Ebook Reader and our other programs were suggested and requested by our users. We do add all the coolest and most frequently asked-for features to the ideas hotlist that we use for future updates of our software. Of course, implementing new features takes time, but we never ignore decent features that we receive tips for.

Will there be a post-production video editing feature in Icecream Screen Recorder?
Speaking of demanded features, we are aware that the post-production video editing feature is highly important to the users of Icecream Screen Recorder and we are currently working on it. This feature is rather tricky to be implemented and we are trying our best to give you the best results we can. The addition of the video editing function is planned to be released by the end of this year, so stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Icecream Apps Answers Frequently Asked Questions: 2016

  1. I have two more questions that I would like to know the answer.

    1. What will the program icecream Media Conventer. This is my favorite software to convert the media. One day he disappeared from the home page. Is this program was abandoned and there will be more developed or supported?

    2. When are you going to adjust your programs to the style of Windows 10? Because now they look ugly on this system.

    • Hello novos7,

      As for your questions:
      1) Icecream Media Converter is discontinued and no longer available and supported.
      2) Thank you for the feedback, we’ll take this information into account.

  2. I tried to upload a video onto to YouTube, and I did upload it, but to the wrong channel. I am wondering if you could chose which channel to upload the video onto. And if you can, could you please show me how to.

  3. By far and away IceCream Media Converter was THE best app IceCreamApps released, so why was it discontinued and will there be a reprieve for the application in the future? It had a relatively small footprint and was as good at what it did converting many formats as so many premium and expensive software that many people on low incomes and budgets cannot afford to purchase, and in certain cases was BETTER than these big name products – IceCream Media Converter was the only application I have used that gave me true 320Kbps bitrate when converted files were saved to my PC and laptop and I have yet to find a better or equal app that matches that result.
    Please, please, PLEASE resurrect the excellent IceCream Media Converter ASAP.

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