Icecream Apps Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Icecream Apps Answers Frequently Asked QuestionsIf you think that reaching us through our contact form is useless and your message will be lost, you are absolutely wrong. We receive plenty of questions, feedback, advice, and demands on a daily basis and we answer them ASAP. That’s the reason why we decided to list the most frequently asked questions that Icecream Apps receives from its users, followers, supporters and, hopefully, friends.

When will you add this or that feature to my favorite program by Icecream Apps?
We never ignore messages from our users with their ideas on improvements and upgrades of our products. Some ideas are just brilliant, whereas some are interesting but extremely difficult to implement. We don’t ignore any tips or idea suggestions from our users and collect them together with our own into what we call our “Ideas hot list”. Latest versions of Screen Recorder and Ebook Reader were upgraded according to the demands of our users, and we have more features to implement. Within a week or two, Media Converter will also be upgraded.

Do you plan to release any new software?
If you think that 6 programs are our limit, we are here to prove you are completely wrong. Just like Pinky and the Brain, every day we try to come up with new ideas and then work on all sorts of improvements to expand them. Within a couple of weeks we are going to release new functional and handy PDF tool with a user-friendly interface. We also plan to release more interesting, powerful and helpful programs soon. Subscribe to our newsletter and we promise we will spice up your computer’s content this upcoming winter!

Does Icecream Apps plan to release MAC compatible software?
So far this is one of the most popular demands we have received from our users. We are proud to announce that we are currently working on our first MAC version of PDF Split&Merge that is to be released in a few weeks. And there will be more. As for stating what programs will released for MAC, we are not able to tell at this moment, but we’ll take our users’ essential needs into account, of course.

Will you translate the programs to my language?
When our project was just released, our programs were available in 7 languages; later, 2 more were added. We are planning to translate our products to such languages as Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Slovak and more. If you are willing to help us with translation of our products to your native language, you are more than welcome to reach us through our contact form, Just think about it: you will use these programs yourself with more comfort, you will be proud to participate in such an amazing project (with a very modest team) and moreover you will improve your karma at the same time, how awesome is that?

Why there is not much information in the “About Icecream Apps” section of the website?
If you noticed, everywhere we refer to ourselves as “we” or as a “team”. Our goal is not to achieve personal fame, but to make sure Icecream Apps are well-known as a reliable brand of quality, free software that is available to everyone. Concerning the country we are based in, we can say that in our team there are skilled and experienced pros who live in different countries and represent different cultures. We are all united with the passion for work and with the desire to develop quality products. To communicate with our users we have created a Facebook group, a Twitter profile, Google+, press room and this blog to share our news and also to let users contact us on demand. You can always use our contact form to submit a bug, idea or a testimonial.

Can I use Icecream Apps programs in my office for business purposes?
Icecream Apps programs are absolutely free to be used for personal and business goals. We are trying to create and improve our products in such a way that they are helpful in both of these cases. So feel free to use our apps in the office. You are most welcome!

Is there any way I can help Icecream Apps?
If you find our software to be useful, good-looking and simply great, the best way to thank us is to spread the word — share some information about us on your blog, Facebook, Twitter or Google+; tell your friends about Icecream Apps software programs. Also you can help our project by donating. Such help will be much appreciated. Again, if you are capable – help us with translation of our software to new languages. For this, please contact us.

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  1. I am really enjoying your ebook reader on my computer and would also like to use it on my tablet. I’ve been looking for an android app version and haven’t found it. Obviously, I am missing something!

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