Stress Management Websites

Stress Management WebsitesThe number of people who struggle with various mental diseases has increased considerably in our modern society. Social media, interacting with other people, socializing, pressure at work, insecurities of all kinds and multiple other factors can lead to mental unbalance and stress. As a tribute to World Mental Health Week, we decided to dedicate this article to the ways the Internet can help people cope with stress. Take a look at our list of stress management websites that might be helpful for you on your way to overcoming stress.

1. Relax
Website recommended: Calm
Calm is a website that offers you a set of audio meditations. As soon as you open the main page of this stress management website, you can find different backgrounds like a fireplace, a peaceful lake, rain in a forest, and plenty of others that can be played with sound. Even if you don’t have sufficient time to participate in the meditation program, you can spend a couple of minutes watching these backgrounds, which will definitely give you peace of mind.

2. Work out
Websites recommended: Stress-Relief-Exercises and Yoga for Stress
It’s an open secret that when you’re under serious stress, any type of physical activity will help you. If you’re feeling stressed, stretching, Pilates, and yoga will considerably help you to relax. These websites will give you general information of what type of exercises you should follow to help your body overcome stress and lower its level. Make sure you do everything nice and easy, and always warm up.

3. Meditate
Website recommended: Meditation Oasis
Meditation Oasis is a stress management website that offers audio meditation sessions. that you can listen right on the website. You can choose from 53 available podcasts and select multiple types of guided meditations (both with and without relaxation music in the background). These podcasts are very relaxing and will definitely help you to calm down.

4. Learn more about the issue
Website recommended: Stress Management
To deal with the problem you need to first find its roots and understand why it happens. This resource contains a whole set of articles about stress that will guide you through the situation and reveal important information about stress in general and how to cope and reduce it. You can also figure out the potential reasons of such a state of mind. This website is definitely worth a look since the whole situation and your future plan will surely become much clearer for you.

5. Breathe properly
Website recommended: Breathing Exercises for Relaxation
This stress management website offers deep breathing techniques that can help you to calm down, relax your body, and clear your mind. You can find very clear step-by-step instructions for various types of deep breathing techniques. The best part of deep breathing is that you can practice it any time you want.

6. Start a healthy diet
Website recommended: Mind, Body & Spirit Center
It might not be that obvious, but your diet and nutrition can also relieve the stress you’re experiencing. This website will give you information about types of food and various meals that can positively affect not only your physical health, but your mental health as well.

7. Relaxing games
Website recommended: Stressreliefpig
Stressreliefpig is a great source of games that will help you to immediately relax. These games are not the type when you’re jumping around to complete a new level – the games are very comforting and have calming background music that actually work great to let you sit back and relax.

8. Share your story and get support
Website recommended: Stress Management Support Group
Whenever you’re in a difficult situation, it’s always very inspiring to know that there are many other people that feel the same way you do. The Stress Management Support Group website is a great way to read other people’s stories, comment on them, and share yours.

Living in stress is definitely very hard. If you’re experiencing a lot of pressure, then you should apply all possible efforts to minimize the stress you’re dealing with. If you want to feel happier, and spend some time browsing through entertaining websites to relax a bit our list of 10 best resources for a quality time waste will help you with that.

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