9 Best Free Video Editing Software of 2020

Free Video Editing SoftwareIf you want to edit your videos or combine a new video clip you will need a full featured and all-in-one video editing software. There are so many different programs of this type today that you just need to figure out which one works best for you. A video editor should not only support video files but image and audio files as well. We checked about two dozen of tools and are ready to provide you with the list of the best video editing software below.

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Top 5 Video Compressors: Offline and Online

Top 5 Video Compressors: Offline and OnlineWonderful innovations in smartphone and camera technology mean most of us now carry a high-powered HD camera in our pockets. However, filming that important moment can produce a massive file that is unwieldy for sending through social media services which require to compress video files for the uploading in most of the cases. To solve this problem, you need to have a reliable video compressor; luckily there are plenty of free video compression tools that can do the job.

As the name suggests, video compressor squashes the file to make it smaller, allowing for faster download and upload speeds. Basically, after you compress video you will be able to send and receive files easier.

There are countless tools to reduce video file size on the market, typically weaved into general video conversion and editing software. We have sifted through those programs to find the best, from high-powered desktop applications to quick and easy online video compressors.

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Best Free Video Converters for Windows

Best Free Video ConvertersWatching TV series’, making videos using your phone or digital camera, downloading videos from the Internet – this all regularly leads to a huge amount of video files stored on your computer. Some formats are easily opened, while others turn out to be not that convenient to use. That’s when you get hit with the brilliant idea to convert all your video files to the most appropriate format for you in order to forget about all the possible struggles with their opening. If you are in such a position and you don’t know where to begin – the following review is right for you. This time we reviewed the best free video converters for Windows.
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