10 Best VR games of 2018

10 Best VR games of 2018Head mounted displays (HMDs) are becoming increasingly popular as a wealth of virtual reality content continues to come from developers. Gaming is one of the most exciting aspects of VR, with the ability to plunge users into truly immersive and interactive environments.
The real truth is the VR gaming market is so rich at the moment that this list could include 10 different games and still be impressive. Equally, picking a de facto number one game was tough because we love all of the VR games listed below. However, we have selected titles based on how immersive they are – something we think is really important in VR. Additionally, we tried to include high-concept games that need PC or console power and smaller games that run on mobile. From indie gems to full titles from major publishers, it’s all here. Please note that you’ll need a decent VR headset to enjoy all the virtual reality games listed below though.
Perhaps the real takeaway from the best VR games games of 2018 list is that this is a great place to start. These games represent an excellent place to begin your VR gaming adventure before diving deeper into the hundreds of titles that are now available.
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