How to convert JPG to PDF: Easy and Effective Ways

How to convert JPG to PDFJPG’s are the most common image file format used on computers and other digital devices such as smartphones. The question of how to convert JPG to PDF might appear if you took pictures of documents or if you wish to preserve the original formatting of the images. You may want to add the JPG image into an existing PDF document. Alternatively, you may want to send the file to someone else as a PDF and not an image.

It is surprising how many people do not know the way to turn JPG to PDF. There is a myriad of ways in which you can convert image to PDF, however. In this article, we look at three different ways – using the Microsoft Print to PDF function, using the MAC Print to PDF function, or using special tools to change JPG to PDF (on line and offline) – enjoy!

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How to Convert JPG to Word

How to Convert JPG to WordKeeping documents printed out on paper is a common way of storing them. However, if you need to somehow edit them, obviously you will need to transfer them into digital form. The best option here is to scan them and then keep all the documents in Word format, since that’s one of the most widely spread and easiest formats to work with. Plenty of scanners scan the papers and save the resulting scans in JPG image format. Unlike DOC format, JPG doesn’t provide the option to edit the text as it keeps the text as an image. We’ve created a tutorial on how to convert JPG to Word with Icecream PDF Converter so that you can edit them further, just like any other text document. Read the instructions on how to do that below.
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