The Best eBook Readers 2019

Best Ebook ReadersBooks have never been more popular, with more people buying and reading books than ever before. It is clear that technology has driven this resurgence, thanks to devices that are able to put thousands of books in our hands. eBook reader software has become popular thanks to the fact that you can easily keep thousands of books in one place: on your computer.

To ensure the best experience, you will need an eBook reader for PC that is versatile, easy to use, and loaded with handy features. Versatility can be covered through the number of eBook file formats supported in the software, while features like annotations, highlighting, and cloud support are increasingly important to users.

With all that in mind, we have selected the very best eBook reader apps available for Windows right now. From slick applications offering a modern UI, to apps from massive corporations, we have all the bases covered with the following programs.

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Features of Icecream Ebook Reader 3.0

Icecream Ebook Reader 3.0We have just updated Icecream Ebook Reader to version 3.0 that has brought plenty of improvements and some new features. This eBook reader now has a new powerful engine, thanks to which the efficiency and the speed of work of the program that has increased considerably. With the 3.0 version, loading bulky books with thousands of pages has become much faster. Another novelty of the 3.0 version of this e-reader is that the images and the formatted content now appears in a much better, attractive and organized way. In addition to that, all the internal and external links of the eBooks are now clickable. However, a more powerful engine is not the only major improvement in this version, there are some other features that we would like to highlight below. To see how this eBook reader has changed within five months, you can check the throwback list of the features of Icecream Ebook Reader we implemented in October, 2015.
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Best ePub Readers for Windows

Best ePub Readers for WindowsOne of the best ways of spending a winter evening is with a great book. Right away we imagine super cozy pictures of a person being in a comfortable position on a sofa under a warm blanket with a book in hand. However, the number of people that imagine this picture in a completely different way is growing these days – more and more people all over the world choose to read ebooks right on their computers or laptops. We can’t deny it’s highly convenient –your library takes space only on your PC, you can have as many books as you wish at your disposal, and, not forgetting, trees are saved. There are multiple ebooks that can be found online for free or for a moderate fee, while in the real world, finding a certain book might be a tricky task. The majority of electronic books are stored in ePub format, so the only thing you need to enjoy reading ebooks on a PC is an easy-to-use ePub reader that will provide you with all the needed extended features. Don’t know which program to turn to? Here is our review of the best ePub readers for Windows that can help you read ebooks on your PC in comfort.
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New Features of Icecream Ebook Reader

Icecream Ebook ReaderRecently, we did a huge and important update on the Icecream Ebook Reader and added new and awesome features to it for an even better eBook reading process. Finding a decent software to manage eBooks is a rather complicated process. That’s why we wanted to upgrade this program to become one of the most versatile and comfortable to use. We added new options that can help you to take total control over your eBook library organization along with each book in it. As none of the updates should be missed, we decided to list the major improvements of the Icecream Ebook Reader in this article.
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The Top 8 Best Places to Download Free eBooks

Places to Download Free eBooksTechnology is constantly advancing, touching each part of our lives in one way or another, and the book industry is no different. eBooks have become increasingly popular over the last five years, for some people they’ve replaced the need for physical books all together. eBooks provide a convenience and portability you can’t get with regular books. After all, it’s difficult to take an entire 7 book series on a plane with you when you’re carting physical books around, but with eBooks all you need is your eReader or other device and you’re good to go. eBooks vary in price, some are cheaper than their paper and binding counterparts and some aren’t. But, of course, everyone loves to find places to get the things they love for free. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best places to download free eBooks.

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