6 Best PDF Editors

5 Best PDF EditorsPDF files remain a hugely popular choice for most users, but finding good solutions to manage and edit PDF files is easier said than done. One of the reasons why PDF files are much loved is because documents in this format look the same across any device and platform. This makes it an excellent choice for sharing documents; although, editing PDF documents can be trickier.

That said, there are plenty of fantastic PDF editors available for both Windows and Mac OS if you know where to look for. Luckily, there are some stellar options available and we have found picked the best free PDF editing software for you to count on.

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Best Online PDF Editor of 2018

Best Online PDF EditorThe PDF has been around for a quarter of a century, but still users flock to the file format because of its sheer usability. In a cross-platform, multi-device environment, PDFs are a fantastic way to view documents because they present content in exactly the same way across any device and any platform. While they are amazing for sharing, editing PDF files can be trickier and sometimes expensive.
Leading premium PDF creation and editing tools charge a premium for their features. The reason for this is Adobe, the company that created the PDF format and still owns much of the underlying tech. Companies who want to create PDF editors must license this technology from Adobe for a fee, which of course customers end up paying.
However, that’s not always the case. Free online PDF editors have become increasingly functional in recent years and are a welcome alternative for users. No longer do we need to pay to edit PDF and no longer do we need to download a program. The advantages of an online PDF editor include being able to edit a document on the fly, without a PC, through a web app.
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How to Edit a PDF – Online and Offline Solutions

How to Edit a PDFPDF format requires the use of special programs that can open and edit PDF files. Editing PDF files is actually a pretty wide definition of what you can do when altering such a document. The most popular type of edit is changing the text of a PDF file, as well as adding various graphic elements, changing the style and the formatting of the file, commenting on the PDF document, using password protection, adding signatures and forms, organizing pages, and many other features. All in all, making corrections to a PDF document is not a difficult task — the key to success is having the right program at your disposal. If you don’t know how to edit a PDF, we can show you three ways of how it can be done: by means of a freeware, shareware (using PRO version of software), and online.
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Best PDF Editor for Windows 2016

Best PDF Editor for Windows 2016Editing a PDF file is a tricky task – this file format is a solid one and originally it is not supposed to be edited. However, if you have the right program at hand, there shouldn’t be any difficulties with editing a PDF file. The problem is that finding a decent program that corresponds to your needs might be more difficult than it first seems. Some PDF editing software is great for documents containing text, others would be quite helpful when it comes to working with graphic elements of PDF files. Many programs and online tools that claim to be PDF editors turn out to be simple PDF creators. For this review we tested many PDF editors but we can only recommend half of them. Take a look at our review to help you find the best PDF editor for your PC.
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