How to Extract Images from PDF

How to Extract Images from PDFIf the question of how to extract images from PDF is opened for you, then this article will guide you through it. Information is constantly changing hands, whether it’s in a community flyer, a company’s financial report, or a how-to booklet. The most common and convenient way of sharing this kind of info is through a Portable Document Format, or PDF. The clean layout and editing restrictions make it ideal for multipurpose use.

However, there are times when we want to extract images from PDF. Perhaps you want to keep an infographic for future reference or send a collection of pictures to a friend. The setup of this format makes it quite challenging to extract pictures from PDF.

While some users might try to screenshot, crop, and save one image at a time, you don’t have to. The “Extract Images from PDF” tool from PDF Candy makes saving pictures a fast and simple process. Read on and enjoy this hassle-free solution!

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