Best Screen Recording Software for Your PC

Best Screen Recording SoftwareIn today’s digital age, screen recording has a range of uses. Avid gamers use screen recording software to record live streams of them playing games like Fortnite and Apex Legends whilst also capturing content for YouTube. Businesses record screen for conference meetings and training sessions. People record video calls from loved ones and families.

Whatever the reason, to perform this task, you need a high-quality and simply the best screen recording software. Screen recorder is a program that records exactly what is shown on your monitor. You can usually edit the recording parameters and specify what is recorded and how.

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How to Use the Area Auto Detection Mode of Icecream Screen Recorder

How to Use the Area Auto Detection Mode of Icecream Screen RecorderPlenty of people not only want to capture their desktops, but also record certain programs, YouTube videos, or other types of content that require you to record or screenshot precise areas. With our screen capture software it’s possible to manually select the areas and record video and take screenshots of the full screen. When it comes to separate windows or areas, such recording and screenshot taking mode as “Area auto detection” will become handy. If you’re not familiar with this feature of the screen recorder by Icecream Apps yet, read on to learn more about how to use the “Area auto detection” mode of Icecream Screen Recorder.
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The 10 Best Features of Icecream Screen Recorder

Features of Icecream Screen RecorderWith the release of the newest version of Icecream Screen Recorder we are glad to announce that this screen capture tool now has even more functions compared to earlier versions. Icecream Apps team has been working hard on developing, testing and improving this program (and not only this one – all the programs). This screen capture freeware is now capable of doing all sorts of things starting from simple screenshots of JPG or PNG formats and finishing with scheduled video recording tasks. Since Icecream Screen Recorder is capable of completing so many things that it is sometimes difficult to mention them all, we have made a list of the top 10 best features of Icecream Screen Recorder.
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