Funniest YouTube Channels

Funniest YouTube ChannelsSince YouTube debuted in 2005, it has been the go-to platform for video bloggers, streamers, and other visual content creators. Since Google stepped in and bought the platform in 2006, YouTube has gone from strength to strength. Millions of videos are uploaded each year and stars have been made on the platform.
YouTube has made some people rich and turned them into bona fide celebrities. In terms of comedy, there is something for everyone. No longer are videos amateurish and cheap. Professional content creators spend a lot of time and money on creating and editing videos to rival TV shows in terms of quality.
There are many comedy channels on YouTube and, of course, humor is a very subjective thing. However, we trawled through many comedy channels to find the best. We tried to find different types of content creators who put a comedic slant on what they publish, from dedicated comedy channels to social commentators and film analysts to make the list of the funnies YouTube channels 2018.
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