WeTransfer Alternatives: Top 5 Options

WeTransfer AlternativesWeTransfer is one of the most popular ways of free file sharing. But are there any decent WeTransfer alternatives you can turn to? Let’s figure this out in this article.

Online file sharing is one of the most useful ways to exchange documents, media files, and PDFs. It’s commonly used by students working on a project together or in business environment that require collaboration and review. WeTransfer is one of many free file sharing services. It’s a relatively basic tool with a free and an upgraded paid option. Free users can share files up to 2GB in size. Recipients have access to the file via a public link for seven days.

While WeTransfer is a respectable option, it has limited features in terms of large file sharing. For example, free users can’t create an account to keep track of their file and must await email updates from the service. Public access links and the lack of password protection poses a security concern for professional use. And though 2GB’s worth of file transfer is nothing to scoff at, other services have higher limits. Keep reading to learn about five WeTransfer alternatives for free file sharing.

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How to Convert Videos with Google Drive for Free

How to Convert Videos with Google Drive for FreeWorking with various video formats can sometimes be a tricky task due to the large number of formats available today. All of them have their specific features and require all sorts of codecs for successful playback, editing, and other types of routines. The most effortless way to skip the problems caused by the diversity of the formats is to convert them to a single video format that works best for you. The easiest way to do that is to convert them online with Google Drive’s app CloudConvert. Read on to learn how to convert videos with Google Drive for free.
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Best Cloud Storage – Editor’s Picks

Best Cloud StorageIn the era of smartphones and modern office technology we deal less with actual paper and handwritten documents and more with digital documents and media files on a daily basis. However, the more digital files there are, the less free space you have on your PC or laptop. This problem of lack of space can be easily solved by using the help of cloud storage. Such services offer you an amount of free space online on their server. Some also allow users to synchronize all their connected files to one account on one device and have cross-platform apps and clients (some claim that they are the most secure). To help you select the best cloud storage we have reviewed the most popular and widely-used services to see what features each of them offer.
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