The Top 5 Screen Capture Software

Top 5 Screen Capture Software There are several reasons why you may need to capture screen of your PC. Perhaps you are making a collage, need to keep some information for later, or sending a client or a colleague some data from your computer screen. Many programs provide image editing, sending, and annotating features, but in most cases you need a screen capture software that does all of this together. That’s why we are here, to do the hard work of testing programs so you don’t have to. We have compiled a list of the best screen capture programs currently available.

Our choices all come loaded with the most popular features and tools to help you get the best experience when you need to take a screenshot.

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Best Free Screenshot Software for Windows

Free Screenshot Software for WindowsInitially, creating screenshots seems to be quite a simple task – we all have a Print Screen button on our keyboards for that. However, for those who capture screens frequently this is not quite a convenient option. When you create a screenshot using the Print Screen button, either the full screen or an active window area is saved to your clipboard. If you want to save the selected area as an image file or be able to edit it, you’ll need to paste it into a decent photo editor. If you need to share it quickly by link, you’ll have to first upload it to a cloud server and then the receiver has to download it as a file. To make the process of creating, editing and sharing screenshots easier and faster, there are many screenshot creators you can use. We reviewed the best free screenshot software for Windows so that you can save time on endless searches for a perfect program to fulfil this task.
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