How to Post on Instagram from PC

How to Post on Instagram from PCIf you have ever visited Instagram on the web, then you will know you cannot upload a photo. The Facebook-owned service points users toward the Android or iOS mobile apps for image sharing. Many thought the situation was remedied when an official Windows 10 Instagram app launched in 2016. However, the app was almost redundant as it also lacked the ability to upload an image to the social network.
A lack of PC uploading is a pain, especially as some users may want to upload photos that are not on their smartphones, or perform robust editing on Photoshop before posting.
Yes, the official path to Instagram photo uploading on PCs is closed, but there are always welcome unofficial methods. All the techniques revolve around essentially tricking Instagram into thinking the uploaded image is coming from a mobile device and not a PC. There are three ways to do this, so check them out below.
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