GIMP vs Photoshop: Which Image Editor Is Better?

GIMP vs PhotoshopGIMP and Photoshop are two of the oldest and best-known raster graphics and photo editing software available. Both programs have a huge following, excellent support, and have been at the forefront of graphics editing for many years. But as for GIMP vs Photoshop, which is the better option? Is there a clear choice between these two behemoths of photo editing?

In this article we look at exactly that and see how these two image editors compare with each other. Before making a choice, you should consider what you want to use the photo editing software for. Do you simply enjoy creating graphics and want a piece of software to have fun with? Or do you require graphics editing for a business venture such as web design, photo editing, or graphic design? Having this in mind and considering the below will help you choose easier.

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10 Best Software for Working With Images

Software for Working With ImagesWith the development of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets that have a camera, the amount of images an average person takes has increased considerably. With so many pictures comes a variety of problems that have to do with our photos – how to make my new awesome selfie a size that fits my Facebook timeline cover photo; how to remove a passer-by that doesn’t belong in a family picture; how to print a photo so that it can be inserted into a photo frame of the right size; how to create a collage out of the pictures from a vacation and so on. For this article we collected and reviewed 10 software with unique features and functionality for quality and diverse work with images.
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