Best VPN for iPhone 2021

Best VPN for iPhoneIn today’s digital world when a lot of people are on iOS, having a VPN for iPhone is incredibly important. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN app provides a secure connection for your digital devices and masks your true location. It allows you to access online content safely and blocks incoming harmful threats. A VPN also provides some degree of anonymity which is important when so much of our online habits are now tracked and logged by large corporations.

Aside from security, VPNs are a great way for you to access location-blocked content from other regions. The perfect example is of course Netflix. Did you know that Netflix catalogue of films and TV shows differs per region? What you can watch in America may be completely different to the UK, for example. Using a VPN for iPhone or for other devices, you can change your location to another region, and gain access to their content!

If you have an iPhone or Apple device, we have gathered five of the best mobile VPN services currently available. Unfortunately, these are all paid subscriptions. However, the cost is minimal, and we feel that a small monthly fee is worth it for the features and security you gain in return! If you’re an Android user, we have the review of free VPN apps for you as well.

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