Best Download Manager: Editor’s Pick 2021

Best Download ManagerDownloading items from the internet can be tricky and fraught with problems unless you have a download manager software installed. Downloading files can be incredibly messy and you can end up with files scattered everywhere. This is why the Internet download manager could be an excellent tool providing you with both convenience and protection. Make sure you follow online safety tips while going online.

File downloader software aim to remove the stress and unorganized approach to downloading files from the internet. Whether you are downloading images, audio files, or full movies, a download manager can make the process much easier. Also, it can ensure that your downloads are easy to access and that you can easily keep track of them.

Simply clicking on a download link can be an issue – you may not be sure where the file has been saved too. Also, you may not know how a web browser keeps track of the downloading process since there are plenty of various browsers you can use. This is again where downloader app is beneficial. They are also perfect tools if you regularly download multiple files from the internet. If this is something you would benefit from, we have listed five of the best download managers available below:

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Best Free YouTube Downloaders for Windows

Best YouTube DownloadersRecently we’ve reviewed YouTube-to-MP3 converters, and since the topic of YouTube downloading and converting is quite popular we decided to find the best free YouTube downloaders for our readers. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We wanted to surprise you guys with a long list of decent, effective and nice looking programs to download YouTube videos with, but we can only offer you a list of 3 items. Hard to imagine, but the list of programs we didn’t include is 3 times longer; there are as many as 9 programs that we don’t recommend or that are not free. So, please accept the fact that this list is short not because we are too lazy to make it longer, but because we tried hard and still didn’t find anything better to offer. So here it is – our modest list of the best free YouTube downloaders for Windows.
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