Best Open Source Software: Essential Picks

Best open source softwareThe internet is packed full of software solutions. Open source software is software which source code you can find, view and modify. Since the code of OSS software is available to everyone the users can use programs with such licensing for free.

Open Source projects are usually completely free or incredibly inexpensive. Also, this type of software is usually universally accessible and has an excellent host of supporting documentation. In this guide, we look at five of the best open source software solutions available in various fields including media players and audio editors.

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How to Set Screen Recording on a Timer

How to Set Screen Recording on a TimerTwo weeks ago we released the 4.0 version of Icecream Screen Recorder, which we polished with new, cool features and a new design for the History panel. The features added to this version were taken mostly from our hotlist that we created from the tips and suggestions we received from our users. The ability to finish the recording within a certain period of time was one of the most frequently demanded features. Thus, this feature was successfully implemented to the program, and we decided to provide a tutorial on how to set screen recording on a timer with Icecream Screen Recorder.
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Happy Second Birthday Icecream Apps!

Today we are celebrating our second birthday and invite you to celebrate with us.

Since our first birthday, we have added new, awesome features to our products and released 3.0 versions of Screen Recorder and Ebook Reader. We have also released Icecream PDF Split & Merge for Mac and Icecream Screen Recorder for Mac—our first products for Mac.
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Five Reasons to Use Cross-Platform Software

Five Reasons to Use Cross-Platform SoftwareCross-platform software is the type of program that can be installed on multiple OSs (Windows, Mac and smartphones). These types of apps are highly convenient to use and are preferred by plenty of computer and mobile users. Many software developers offer programs that can be used on various gadgets and devices and a lot of people tend to use these apps on a regular basis. They help you to access all the data on the go, receive all the latest updates on time, and help to save your data from being lost. In this article we will provide five reasons to use cross-platform software.
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Happy Birthday Icecream Apps!

It’s hard to believe but it’s already been a year since the release of our first product – Icecream Media Converter. Icecream Apps is turning one year today, woo hoo, Happy Birthday to us!

Within a year of hard work we have released as many as 7 software products. You can be sure that even more programs by Icecream Apps are on the way! This summer, by the way, 2.0 versions of our most popular products – Screen Recorder and Ebook Reader – are to be released.

We would like to thank all our users for the feedback and ideas and hope you enjoy our apps as much as we enjoy the development process. Have a great day and stay tuned!
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Icecream Media Converter: Behind the Scenes

Icecream Media Converter: Behind the ScenesSoftware development is actually a complicated but super exciting process. First you have your initial idea that seems to be a very general one. Then you start improving it to the level where everything looks good and you are pretty much proud of the results of your hard work. Next comes the moment when you show your final version of so-far perfect software to your colleagues and you get tons of ideas of how to improve its functionality. And interface. And bug fixing. And more bug fixing. A lot of bug fixing, actually. So if you compare the first version of a program and its final ready-to-be-released version, we assure you they will not be the same program at all. From the pictures below you can see 5 versions of our first released software – Icecream Media Converter.
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Welcome to our Blog!

Icecream Apps Tech DigestHi everyone, we’re the minds behind Icecream Apps. We’re dedicated to bringing you great, free software. Stuff that can make your life easier, whether you’re at home or work. Our software is designed specifically with you in mind. We strive to give you a user-friendly experience that is unparalleled by any other company in the industry. To take a look at our cool, free software click here.

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