How to Open DjVu Files on your PC

How to Open DjVu FilesDjVu is a file format that is primarily used for storing scanned documents. In the following guide we will check how to open DjVu on Windows PC using 7 best electronic book readers.

DjVu is popular thanks to the high level of compression it offers — the same files in PDF format will take up much more space than one in DjVu. It’s not just scanned documents that can be kept in DjVu but plenty of eBooks can also be downloaded in this format. No doubt, the compact size of DjVu files is a huge advantage, however, it’s actually a bit problematic to open DjVu files since only specific programs can do that. Worries aside, we have reviewed how to open DjVu files using various free programs. Take a look and choose your perfect DjVu reader.

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The Best eBook Readers 2019

Best Ebook ReadersBooks have never been more popular, with more people buying and reading books than ever before. It is clear that technology has driven this resurgence, thanks to devices that are able to put thousands of books in our hands. eBook reader software has become popular thanks to the fact that you can easily keep thousands of books in one place: on your computer.

To ensure the best experience, you will need an eBook reader for PC that is versatile, easy to use, and loaded with handy features. Versatility can be covered through the number of eBook file formats supported in the software, while features like annotations, highlighting, and cloud support are increasingly important to users.

With all that in mind, we have selected the very best eBook reader apps available for Windows right now. From slick applications offering a modern UI, to apps from massive corporations, we have all the bases covered with the following programs.

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Top Free PDF Readers

Free PDF ReadersSo far, this is our third article dedicated to PDF software on the Icecream Tech Digest. Indeed, this format is always a pain in the neck to work with so we are here to help you deal with it. In our previous posts we mentioned programs that can edit, split and merge PDF files, convert them to other formats and vice versa, but we didn’t have a chance to review PDF readers. Reading the documents comfortably can also be tricky, that’s why we present you with the following list of the top free PDF readers for Windows.
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Best Comic Book Readers

Best Comic Book ReadersComic books are a widely loved part of modern entertainment culture and are no less valuable than movies or books. For example, San Diego Comic-Con International is attended by hundreds of thousands of people every year. Those comic books fans, who love reading them as much as Sheldon and Leonard, read them not only in the printed versions, but in digital ones as well. However, comic books for computers are stored in such formats that are pretty difficult to open if you don’t have the right program. To simplify the struggle of opening comics on your PC, we’ve reviewed the best comic book readers for Windows below.
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