Top 5 VLC Alternative Media Players of 2022

Top 5 VLC alternatives In this article we’re going to review the most popular VLC alternatives available on the market. Follow along to see if there are any decent media players that you might try out.

Watching movies and series or playing other random videos on our PC is something that we all do every now and then. We surely need a proper video playback software for that. One of the most popular apps for playing all kinds of video media files is VLC Media Player but more and more users try to find something that’ll be better than VLC. Why so?

It indeed has some downsides. It looks outdated and it is prone to minor bugs such as with text encoding or playback windows. Additionally, some external codecs need tweaking before they can be viewed on it.

If your experience with VLC media player wasn’t really great at some point, you may be looking for an alternative to VLC. When something is as popular as VLC media player it might be hard to find a replacement but we got you. Here is our selection of the best 5 VLC alternatives.

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