Top Google Chrome Extensions for Better Browsing

Top Google Chrome Extensions for Better BrowsingGoogle Chrome browser has become widely popular thanks to its high speed, elegant, minimalistic interface, and in-built translator; and, well, it is a Google product after all. Thanks to its fame and tons of users, the number of available extensions to improve the usage of this web browser is constantly growing and the quality of the offered apps is increasing as well. You’ll be surprised by the many extensions that can help you to do so much more than just regular browsing. If you select effective and useful extensions they can increase your productivity online considerably. As we don’t want our favorite readers to spend too much time on trying out the extensions in an attempt to find the worthy ones, we’ve reviewed the top Google Chrome extensions for better browsing.

LastPass: Free Password Manager
LastPass is a single extension to keep all your passwords stored safely. Using it is easy – create an account within this extension and then insert your logins and passwords to store them. There’s the ability to enter credit card info, which is useful for online shoppers, plus there’s an autofill feature for websites that is also pretty convenient.

Adblock Plus
There’s no need to explain what Adblock is and why it’s one of the most essential extensions that any browser should have installed. It hides all the annoying ads you see on websites and helps to skip YouTube advertisements before the actual video starts. It’s perfectly possible to turn off Adblock on specific sites or webpages, too.

Grammarly Spell Checker & Grammar Checker
This is the favorite extension of all Grammar Nazis of the Internet. Not only does it correct the spelling, it also notices any mistakes considering the articles, improper usage of words and confusing words with similar spelling but different meaning.

Avira Browser Safety
Along with Adblock, having an in-built antivirus installed on your browser is definitely a must. Avira gives you immediate notice before you go to a potentially harmful website, marks malware sites when you search online, and blocks trackers to make sure you’re browsing with Google Chrome stays private.

Save to Google Drive
This extension adds an additional menu option for the files that helps to save them to your Google Drive within a single mouse click. You can save, rename, view or delete files, and it also adds a browser action button in the upper-right- corner of Google Chrome. Some settings of this extension are also customizable for even more user comfort.

StayFocusd is an extension that will force you to stop staring at cat photos on the Internet or stalking your ex on Facebook. Install it to select which websites you want to block, for how long, and when you want the block to begin. You can also track how long you have spent on certain websites to rethink what you are doing with your life and finally start living.

Shortcuts for Google
Shortcuts for Google is a special toolbar for Google services that you get fast access to. You can select which services to add, rename them, and sort or arrange them according to your preferences. The choice of services is pretty impressive – there are approximately 300 items. The size of the services’ icons to be displayed is also customizable – you have 3 options.

Speakit! comes in handy when you don’t feel like reading something aloud – this extension will do that for you. Highlight the text to be pronounced and click the app’s icon to begin the reading process. You can stop it anytime you wish and add a shortcut for easier extension operation. This extension supports over 50 languages.

Click&Clean is a rather handy extension to clear and back up browsing history, delete cache, cookies and temporary files, delete saved passwords, track your own browser, and prevent tracking of your browser activity by other services and websites. Along with that it can work together with CCleaner and Wise Disk Cleaner as well to wipe your hard drive.

ZenMate Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN
This extension helps to hide your IP or manually select the region of it. It also makes sure your activity is not tracked and it blocks malware on a hunch. The extension totally secures your Internet browsing experience and increases the speed of the connection.

There are many more great extensions you can turn to in order to customize and improve the usability of Google Chrome. Tell us about your favorite ones to make our list of the must-have Google Chrome extensions even better!

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