How to Track a Phone: 5 Ways

How to Track a PhoneIn today’s modern world, location tracking is much easier. Thus, figuring how to track a phone should not be an issue. There is a host of unique and interesting ways to find a phone location, particularly on smartphones. Most smartphones now have advanced GPS locator technology that can pinpoint the device’s location within a few feet.

This is an incredibly handy tool to find phone and as you will see below, can be used together with a variety of services and apps to track a phone. In this guide, we look at why you may need to track phone, and also provide five top methods that allow you to do this on various mobile types.

Why may you Need to Track a Phone?

First, let’s consider why you may need to track a phone. The most obvious reason is that you have lost your phone. Regardless of how careful we are, or how literally glued we are to our smartphone screens, there may be a time when you misplace or lose it. Your phone could also be stolen.

In these instances, having a reliable method of tracking your phone is vital. It can save a whole heap of heartache and stress. You can simply use one of these tracking methods and figure the phone location immediately. You could then find it yourself, or give the tracking info to police for evidence.

Aside from tracking your own phone, you may need to track someone else’s – a loved one, or your children, for example. Having a method of tracking your children can be useful – not to spy on them, but for their safety, if anything bad happens to them. If you want to track someone else’s phone, we strongly advise asking permission first as this could lead to awkward conversations and potential legal action!

5 Ways to Track a Phone

So, you know how a phone tracker can be useful. But which methods can you reliably use? Please pay attention when using any of these methods, particularly the third-party apps. Using location tracking apps could make your device vulnerable so only use trusted apps that have a high rating and genuine positive customer reviews. Don’t forget to turn VPN on Android phones and iPhones not to mess the real location.

Regardless, the five methods below can help you track your phone, or another person’s phone – enjoy!

1. Samsung Phones – Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile phone tracker

If you have an Android device from Samsung, they have a comprehensive service called “Find My Mobile”. This has s range of important tools and allows you to secure your smartphone to prevent malicious attacks and theft if you lose it.

These features include a remote screen lock and ability to disable your phone, a feature to ring your device for 5 minutes to help locate phone if lost in apartment or house, and an automatic data backup. More importantly, it has a tracking feature that shows the location of the phone, and the approximate route it has taken since it was reported as lost.

2. Apple Phones – Find My

Apple has long been the forerunner of tracking and safety features on their iPads and iPhones. They have a range of tools that allow you to easily secure your device against threats but also locate it if it is lost or stolen. This is done via the “Find My” app.

This comprehensive app combines several tools together including “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Friends”. You can use this app to locate phone, but also located your friend’s devices if they have the service enabled also. It is a relatively simple tool to use and can track multiple devices on your iCloud including Macs, iPads, and even AirPod headphones.

3. Google Phones – Find My Device

Google is well-known for collecting huge amounts of info about their customers, but they also have useful services too! One such tool is the “Find my Device” service. This tool is completely free to use and is useful. It can be used to track many different devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

To use this service to find a phone you have to have a Google account, and you have to have your devices initially linked to your account with the synchronized featured enabled. This is relatively easy and safe to do. Once you have done this, at any time, you can access the “Find my Device” tool from a web browser and it will show the current location of all your devices if possible.

4. Use a Location Tracking App

If you don’t have access to any manufacturer apps or services like Find My Device, there is a host of third-party phone tracker apps available. These can be used to track your own phone, and sometimes other people’s.

We advise caution when installing any third-party apps – always check customer reviews on places like the Google Play Store, and the Apple Store, and check the app’s rating. Examples of phone locator apps for smartphones include Spyier, ZoSearch, mSpy, FamiSafe, and Life360 – Family Locator (iOS, Android). These apps are all easy to use and have a myriad of tracking features. Also, we strongly recommend having an antivirus for Android installed prior to installing any of the phone tracker apps on the phones with Android OS.

5. Google Maps

How to Track a Phone on Google Maps

Google Maps is the most-used map tool in the world. It has one of the most comprehensive map databases and has the amazing Google Street View feature. Maybe you have been lucky enough to see the Google vehicles with their attached cameras mapping out our streets?

Did you know that Google Maps also has a phone tracker feature? You must first have GPS enabled on your device and set your permissions so that Google Maps can access your location. You only must set these permissions once. After doing this, open Google maps, and click on the small relevant icon. This will eventually track the location of your device, and show it on Google Maps in real-time!

Always Keep Your Device Safe and Have Location Tracking Enabled!

We hope you have found this guide on how to track a phone beneficial. Our smartphones are important devices that contain a wealth of personal info. Also, they are often vital tools that we use daily. It is therefore important to understand the different tracking methods available.

You should also take great care of your devices and keep them safe. It could be beneficial to enable your GPS locator settings too as this will greatly help when tracking your phone if it should get lost or stolen.

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