Ways to Get Your Phone in the Christmas Mood

Get Your Phone in the Christmas MoodWhen Christmas is coming, everything around us is stylized and dedicated to this merry time. Everything is decorated and everybody is dressed festive, and so on. Even if you live in a bunker and have no idea what is going on right now and which year it is, the first thing you notice when you go outside is it’s Christmas time. Our phones are things that we use and carry around every single day, so why not turning your dull black or silver phone into Santa’s Little Ringer? We decided to help you out with the best Christmas phone decorations that are suitable for the inside and outside embellishing of your phone.

Screen customization

Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper (Android)
A nice looking festive wallpaper with a Christmas tree, which you can customize the decorations, the type of tree along with the type of sparkles and snow on the tree, and choose whether to use sound or not.

Christmas Wallpapers by Tick Tock Apps (iOS)
A collection of free and cute looking holiday wallpapers of a great quality. There are cute and funny wallpapers available in this set so you will be sure to find something interesting for yourself to use.


Christmas Countdown Widget (Android)
When you simply can’t wait for Christmas to come, get yourself a countdown! This is a 4×1 widget that takes the whole horizontal line of your phone’s screen. You can set the desired picture or use all the default ones as a slideshow, and set the phrase and units of measurement as well (years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds and what’s unexpected and super cute – heartbeats).

Christmas!! Countdown to Santa (iOS)
A very sweet looking countdown to Christmas, showing you how many days there are left until Christmas finally comes. This app has further options like games, fun facts, jokes, and wallpapers, and lists of gift ideas that are available at an additional price.

Photo frames

Christmas Photo Frames (Android)
This is a versatile and pretty wide collection of Christmas-themed templates for photos. There are several ways of sharing your photos like via Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and some other options that are integrated into this app. Using it is very simple – select a template and your image, add text and your Christmas picture is ready.

Christmas Booth! (iOS)
This is the app for adding a touch of Christmas to your photos. Add snowflakes, text, Christmas accessories and frames to your photos in just a couple of moments.


Christmas Ringtones (Android)

A nice set of ringtones for both incoming calls, messages and alarms that you can use for individual contacts or as default ones. Over 50 unique ringtones of various styles are available to choose from.

Free Christmas Ringtones! – Christmas Music Ringtones (iOS)
A set of free ringtones for iPhone. It supports the setting of unique music for contacts (for both calls and messages). It is simple to use and sounds very cute.


Santa’s Village (Android), Santa’s Village (iOS)
Well hello you farmer of FarmVille with 100+ levels of experience; this is exactly what you are looking for. This is a game where you need to build and manage your own Santa’s Village. For all the fans of strategies and recreation of personal virtual empires, this is an absolute must for Christmas.

Bubble Blast Holiday (Android)
This is a very cute looking arcade game where you can choose to play for one of the suggested 6 Christmas-themed characters. Tapping on a character makes it burst into pieces, each piece eliminates the other one when touched so something like a chain reaction starts. The point is to clear everything from the screen and make all the pieces remove the rest consequently from the screen.


Zazzle is for hilarious and classic and cute Christmas cases. You can find any type of case you want over here. The awesome thing about Zazzle is they also offer you the ability to customize your own ones; simply upload the desired picture and they will create a phone case according to your demands.

Oh we simply adore RedBubble! This is how it works: artists upload their sketches and pictures to this website and you can order various items including phone cases with this design printed on. The offered options are beautiful, artistic, marvellous and so, so pretty. You will find the best looking, most unique and sophisticated cases here.

Etsy today is the middle name for handmade, uniqueness and vintage everything. All the cases that you stumble upon here are carefully designed by Etsy members, and here you will not only find simple cases with prints on, but cases that are decorated with buds, studs, knitted cases and all sorts of cuteness.

Your phone is a thing that is constantly in front of your eyes. So why not add a new awesome Christmas touch to it by selecting the appropriate decorations? Pick any of the above listed items to make the most of Christmas spirit while using your phone.

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