Websites for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Websites for Singles on Valentine's DayOh, what a great holiday! Couples, couples everywhere. Everything is pink and red; every little thing is screaming love and everyone around seems oh so happy and head over heels. Except for you. The only valentine you are sending is, “Roses are red, violets are blue, I am so happy since I got rid of you.” Well, whatever the situation is, the fact is clear – you happen to be single on this holiday. You are not alone, believe us. We are here to help you have an awesome, productive and single Valentine’s Day. The websites we have collected in this post will sure help you with that.

For binge-watchers: Netflix
Netflix is an iconic service for newly singles, constantly singles and, who are we trying to fool, for all types of singles. This service can easily rescue you from being bored and having sad thoughts. After all, who would say no to spending Valentine’s Day with Daenerys Stormborn or the Winchester brothers?!

For last minute believers: Tinder
You never know when your soul mate might appear in your life. Maybe it will happen in the last hours of Saint Valentine’s Day! Obviously, during February 14th the only truly single people will hang out on Tinder, so the chances of catching that fish from the sea are very high!

For foodies: Seamless
If you needed a sign – here it is. Forget about your diet and stop counting endless calories; release your inner true eater and get yourself whatever you want for dinner. And for lunch. And even for breakfast! Have the most awesome meals for one all day!

For party people: Saucey
For all our Rajesh Koothrappali’s who need to get a bit tipsy before revealing their true selves, this service is a must. To escape the shame of going back and forth to a liquor store to get your share of happiness you need during this holiday, use this service. They also deliver cigars, so this Valentine’s Day you can be bad to the bone all the way!

For adventurers: Tripomatic
Did your ex have a weak stomach, leaving you to always postpone your dream trip to India or Thailand? Did he/she have acrophobia and your dream was to climb Everest? Start planning your perfect vacation to the most exotic destinations with this service. Take the risk and finally get that feeling that something super awesome is on its way to you!

For book lovers: Good Reads
A good book can take you away from any difficulties, problems or negative thoughts. If you prefer reading as a way of self-improvement, use Good Reads to find the book that can be your date on Valentine’s Day. Rescue the world from extra-terrestrial hazards, solve mysteries, find a criminal or follow a romantic story – the choice is yours.

For kind hearts: Volunteer Match
Isn’t the best way to feel better to help those who are in need? If you have a spare evening, why not improve your karma and volunteer? Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon other single and kind people as a reward from the Universe for your good deed? Think about it!

For forever alone no more: 9gag
If nothing of the above helped – join the army of 9gaggers. You don’t need to do anything – just keep on scrolling the feed and have a great time. We guarantee there will be hundreds of funny memes dedicated to Saint Valentine that will make you roll on the floor laughing.

So, if you find yourself alone on Valentine’s Day, remember: life is a marathon, not a sprint. Pick a website from our list to make the most out of this day as a single!

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