WhatsApp Alternatives to Use in 2021

WhatsApp AlternativesWhatsApp is definitely one of the most popular and one of the best messaging apps available for smartphones. However due to the recent changes in its privacy policy, a lot of people are searching for safer WhatsApp alternative.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that offers a host of other communication features. You can use it for voice calls, video calls, and even group message chats. The best thing is that it uses your internet data, and not your call or SMS allowance. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, this means you can effectively communicate for free!

But is WhatsApp chat the only app of its kind available? Surely there are other apps available that can do the same, if not more? Of course! WhatsApp may be the go-too app for instant communication, but there is a range of other options available. In the below article, we look at five WhatsApp alternatives that you can use for free!

1. Discord – popular WhatsApp alternative for gamers

Discord messenger

Historically, Discord has been viewed as a messenger for gamers. Indeed, it has excellent support for online gaming and integrates with various platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Steam. This WhatsApp alternative offers amazing tools for gaming groups, clans, and content creators who want to engage with their audience.

However, Discord offers more than this and is one of the best messaging apps for general online communication. Using Discord, you can send IM’s, make voice and video calls, and easily make group chats with your friends and family. We also like that Discord supports screen sharing – this means you can easily work on group projects or share photos with your loved ones.

OS: Android, iOS, Windows
Our Rating: 10 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Create individual chat channels
  • Excellent support for gaming platforms
  • Create your own Discord servers
  • Great WhatsApp alternative for voice chats and video calls
  • Can be a little confusing to use

2. Skype – one of the oldest applications like WhatsApp


Skype is one of the oldest and the best messaging apps available and Microsoft has developed it greatly over the years. It now stands as one of the best communication apps for business and is a fantastic WhatsApp alternative.

Many think that you have to pay to use Skype – indeed you can top-up your account for voice calls. However, Skype is completely free to use, and if you connect via a Wi-Fi connection, you can make IM’s, voice calls, and video calls for free. For business Skype is an excellent WhatsApp alternative, and there is a dedicated Skype for Business variation. It also integrates with other Microsoft apps, and you can use your Microsoft account to sign in.

OS: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS
Our Rating: 10 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Excellent quality for voice and video calls
  • Integrates with various apps
  • Fantastic for business usage
  • May be more geared towards business usage

3. Snapchat – WhatsApp alternative for sharing photos and videos

Snapchat WhatsApp alternative

You may only know of Snapchat as an app where you can record short videos to your friends and family that disappear after a few seconds. Indeed, this is the main premise of the app and why most people use it. However, Snapchat offers more than this and it is actually a decent WhatsApp alternative too.

Aside from sending destructible messages, you can also engage in private conversations with your contacts. It has a full messaging system and you can send gifs, emojis, and plain text easily. It may not have the extensive features of some other applications like WhatsApps, but it is certainly a solid option!

OS: Android, iOS
Our Rating: 9 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Easy to use chat interface
  • Send emojis and gifs
  • Record messages that self-destruct over-time
  • Doesn’t have the largest range of features

4. LINE – WhatsApp alternative with stickers and payment options

LINE messaging app

LINE is an app similar to Discord but is more focused on instant messaging. Using this WhatsApp alternative, you can easily send IM’s to your contacts and also send emojis, files, and images. LINE is also useful for creating and moderating large group chats.

There is also a cool sticker store, and you can easily make international calls to people who do not have a LINE account for free (providing you use Wi-Fi). Moreover this messenger has the built-in payment system and the feature to call a cab in some countries where it’s available. Check out review of the best VPN for iPhone to change your virtual location and check all the Line features that are available in other countries.

OS: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS
Our Rating: 9 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Easily create large group chats
  • Great for IM’s and sending images and emojis
  • Good performance
  • Notifications can be tricky to turn off

5. Facebook Messenger – native Facebook’s WhatsApp alternative

Facebook Messenger

If you have a Facebook account (we are assuming you do – who doesn’t?), you can use their Messenger App. Yes, that’s right – Facebook owns WhatsApp, but it also owns and runs Messenger which is another top communication app!

This WhatsApp alternative integrates directly with your Facebook account and it populates your contacts from your Facebook friends list. Using Messenger, you can chat with friends and family. Also, it has a decent file-sharing tool, and you can make high-quality video and voice calls over a Wi-Fi connection. Messenger is one of the easier communication apps to use and great for novice users.

OS: Android, iOS, Windows
Our Rating: 9 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Integrate your Facebook contacts
  • Good quality video calls
  • You must have a Facebook account to use it

Improve Your Communication With WhatsApp Alternatives!

Having a reliable communication app with a host of useful features is an absolute must in today’s world. It is also important that you can use this app via a Wi-Fi connection instead of using your call and SMS allowance. Make sure your phone is always at your disposal if you need to send a message. You can also check our guide on how to track a phone just in case.

Whilst WhatsApp is a fantastic program, it is not the only one of its kind! As you can see from the list above, there is a fantastic range of other communication apps available for free. Many of these applications like WhatsApp offer the same functionality, and some are fantastic for gaming, business, and group communication! Why not try some of these WhatsApp alternatives today and see for yourself?

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