Best Free Navigation Apps

Free Navigation AppsSummer is the most popular time of year to go on vacation and millions of people travel all over the world to various destinations. The most crucial thing for any tourist abroad is not getting lost. That’s where navigation apps can help. Not only are they useful for travelers, they are also very convenient to find the fastest way to the office, to escape traffic or the route with the best view out of the car’s window. Today we will talk about the best free navigation apps that are sure to help you find your way to anywhere you want.

Google Maps (Android, iOS)
Obviously, Google Maps is the first navigation app that comes to mind; the app is no doubt highly convenient. You can sign in with your account and save your favorite places for fast access. Finding the best route is very simple – type in the starting point of the trip and the destination and select whether you want to drive there, use public transport (you can select which one exactly in the settings) or walk. For those who ride bicycles, there are also bicycle roads available, and for city commuters there is info about public transport as well. To top it all off you can check out the map in a satellite view which is also pretty cool.

MapQuest (Android, iOS)
MapQuest is a popular mapping app. It can tell you the directions to a certain place, inform you about traffic, and show satellite images on the map. As for the direction, you can allow and disallow various things on your route, follow the offered routes that take into account traffic, and re-route your way. Along with that, you can browse for various places like restaurants, banks, and shopping malls. Making reservations in hotels and restaurants is also available by means of this map. All in all, it is a very convenient app for navigation and for browsing and checking out various places.

Waze (Android, iOS)
Waze is an app that is first of all for escaping the traffic on your journey. You can browse for various places and report such things as traffic jams, accidents, police, cameras or other hazards on the way. There’s also an in-built chat so you can add a message to a certain place on a map. If the app finds a better route to your destination it notifies you of that. Another awesome feature is connecting with your friends and family in the Waze app so you can see their location and statuses.

HERE (Android, iOS)
HERE is a map released by Nokia and its major plus is that it works perfectly in offline mode. Although you download the map and it doesn’t affect your data connection, it still notifies you about the traffic situation and the route updates. Saving your favorite places in the Collections tab of the app’s menu is also a very convenient feature. HERE is a great navigation app that can totally help you out in places where you have no Internet connection, so we recommend it for traveling for sure.

Moovit (Android, iOS)
Moovit is an app that is positioned as a planner for commuting in big cities. However, we’d like to add it to this list as it also works as an offline map that shows your location in a chosen city even if you have no data connection. Subway maps are also available within this app which is highly convenient. The only shortcoming of Moovit is that it works in big cities and the list of the available cities has a way to go.

Those were the 5 free navigation apps most loved and used by our team. If you have any suggestions to this list – we’d be glad to get to know them!

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