WeTransfer Alternatives: Top 5 Options

WeTransfer AlternativesWeTransfer is one of the most popular ways of free file sharing. But are there any decent WeTransfer alternatives you can turn to? Let’s figure this out in this article.

Online file sharing is one of the most useful ways to exchange documents, media files, and PDFs. It’s commonly used by students working on a project together or in business environment that require collaboration and review. WeTransfer is one of many free file sharing services. It’s a relatively basic tool with a free and an upgraded paid option. Free users can share files up to 2GB in size. Recipients have access to the file via a public link for seven days.

While WeTransfer is a respectable option, it has limited features in terms of large file sharing. For example, free users can’t create an account to keep track of their file and must await email updates from the service. Public access links and the lack of password protection poses a security concern for professional use. And though 2GB’s worth of file transfer is nothing to scoff at, other services have higher limits. Keep reading to learn about five WeTransfer alternatives for free file sharing.

Dropbox – popular WeTransfer Alternative

Dropbox free file sharing service

Dropbox is a great large file transfer option for users interested in bigger storage limits and more tools. Like WeTransfer, free file sharing is limited to 2GB at a time. However, this WeTransfer alternative also offers a multi-level pricing scale that increases sharing to 50 GB and storage capacity to 3 TB (versus sharing 20 GB and storing 1 TB for WeTransfer Pro).

Every Dropbox user can view, share, and edit files through the service. These features are a good option for remote teams that need to access and change documents in real time and it’s definitely a great productivity app to use. Senders can decide what access each recipient has, including view-only and downloadable versions. When allowed, files can be edited and saved offline through Dropbox’s free desktop app.

Transfer Limit: 2 GB to 50 GB
Our Rating: 10 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Access to files and features both online and offline
  • Synchronization between the devices
  • WeTransfer alternative with high storage limits
  • Flexible permissions
  • Storage limit for free accounts could be higher

SendGB – WeTransfer alternative with no registration needed


SendGB allows users to send up to 5GB worth of files at a time for free. You can opt to transfer big files through the simple form on their homepage for a one-time action or create an account. Their premium options are also much more affordable than any other file transfer membership. SendGB Extra is around $50 annually, while most other WeTransfer alternatives mentioned here exceed $100.

Despite its simple design, SendGB offers more flexibility and features than WeTransfer. Users can email recipients directly or generate a custom link. Recipients can download shared files – and those files are immediately deleted from online storage for greater security. Use download managers to simplify the process of large files’ downloading. Free users can even set a limit of one to 90 days for file storage or password-protect each file.

Transfer Limit: 5 GB to 20 GB
Our Rating: 9 / 10

Pros Cons
  • No registration required
  • Additional security measures for no added cost
  • Affordable premium option for higher limits
  • Premium option only allows 20 GB transfers

Google Drive – WeTransfer alternative by Google

Google Drive

Google Drive is currently the most popular WeTransfer alternative for online file sharing. You do need a Google account to access either the free or paid version. The Drive offers 15GB of storage at no cost, while additional storage may be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. Instead of transferring files directly to another user, the file owner can invite other Google users to see files.

The primary owner can set specific permissions for each user. For example, one person might only be able to view a document, while another could edit it. Google Drive also makes it easy to upload and download entire folders, rather than one file at a time. This WeTransfer alternative is also compatible with the rest of GSuite – Sheets, Docs, Slides, and more. This makes free file sharing even easier for users already creating files in the Gsuite. Check the comparison of Google Sheets vs Excel we recently posted on our blog.

Transfer Limit: 15 GB to 100 GB
Our Rating: 9 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Compatible with many file types
  • Either version combines with Google Suite for easy use
  • Customizable permissions on each file
  • The interface isn’t much user-friendly
  • WeTransfer alternative that requires Google account

pCloud – the most secure WeTransfer alternative

pCloud WeTransfer alternative

pCloud has four levels of functionality – two free and two paid. First, there’s the unregistered paid account. Anyone who uses this WeTransfer alternative can visit their transfer page and send up to 5 GB of files at a time, to a maximum of 10 email addresses. Users who sign up with additional info can transfer 10 GB of files at a time. The two premium options include trash backup and max out at 2 TB worth of storage.

The large file sharing platform itself functions much like Google Drive. Those with a pCloud account can log in to view, edit, or save files that have been shared with them. You even have options for offline access across desktop and mobile devices. Finally, you can upload files from other platforms with drag and drop. Supported sites include Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Transfer Limit: 5 GB to 2 TB
Our Rating: 9 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Backups from other file-sharing platforms
  • Two options each for free and premium membership
  • WeTransfer alternative that can be used offline
  • Users must pay extra for data encryption

Smash – WeTransfer alternative with no file size limit

Smash service for large file sharing

The homepage of Smash is a drag and drop box, which is certainly appropriate. This service makes free file sharing as easy as possible, even in the free version. There are absolutely no limits to the size of files you can upload and share. It’s perfect for businesses required to send large files back and forth. All users can customize their link URLs or send files directly through email.

For added privacy, password protection is available in this WeTransfer alternative on any file. You will also receive a confirmation email that a file was sent and whether it has been downloaded. You can store as much data as you like. Free users are only granted 14 days of free storage. Any Premium user can save a file for up to one year.

Transfer Limit: None
Our Rating: 9 / 10

Pros Cons
  • Even free users can send files of any size
  • Multiple tiers available
  • WeTransfer alternative with iOS and Android apps
  • No feature to edit files

As you can see, there are some excellent WeTransfer alternatives available. One of these other services can meet your needs, whether you’re looking for greater file capacities, editing options, or more secure transfers. We prefer pCloud for its many capabilities. The ability to transfer large files with or without registering, edit with others, and work offline make it highly flexible. Of course, no service outdoes Smash in terms of large file sharing.

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