Best Educational YouTube Channels

Educational YouTube ChannelsToday, the Internet gives us a huge variety of ample opportunities to learn new things every day. Technologies are evolving in parallel with the entertainment sphere and this collaboration offers great ways of learning while actually being entertained. YouTube has already become more than a resource where you can simply listen to music. By far, there are plenty of channels that provide all sorts of interesting reviews, answers to questions and some scientific fact explanations in quite a curious way. You are able to learn something new without spending hours on actual education in the classic boring form. We collected and reviewed some of such educational YouTube channels that deserve your attention.

MinutePhysics is a very entertaining YouTube channel where you can find answers to all the most popular physics-related questions. Everything is explained with the help of stick figure styled cartoons, so all the explanations are very graphic and vivid and there is no chance you can misunderstand the topics of a video you are watching.

On SciShow channel you will find plenty of videos that explain all sorts of interesting issues. Not only are there science aspects that are talked about, but they also speak about history and historical figures. All the videos have a host and are filled with cool animation, photos, and graphs for better information understanding.

Crash Course
Crash Course is a very curious channel to watch. Their significant sign is that they do not simply observe various facts, their video channel is divided into courses that contain various numbers of episodes dedicated just to this subject. So you can watch one episode after another to learn the selected topic without being distracted.

Mental Floss
This trivia YouTube channel releases 3 types of videos. The first one is Big Questions where they answer a single question at a time. They have List Show where you can find out a lot of curious random facts, and last but not least is Misconceptions, where they reveal true facts concerning a chosen topic. All the videos are filled with animation and graphics, so nothing boring is involved.

New Scientist
New Scientist is a channel for those, who want to keep track of all the latest news and events in a technology sphere. On this channel there are videos about bioengineering, robots, animals, nature events and so on. You will not learn the basis of something or find how something works, but for sure you’ll be able to look towards the future and be amazed by the latest breakthroughs of science.

Vsauce is actually a set of 3 channels that are Vsauce, Vsauce2, and Vsause3, that altogether cover subjects such as science and technology, modern culture and philosophy, physics, psychology, and gaming. All videos are narrated by the host with graphical explanations, so understanding any topic turns out to be completely effortless.

SmarterEveryDay is a channel where you can find videos that are scientific related and are very curious to watch. The creator of this channel conducts experiments and explains how different things work; he also has videos that tell us new info about various animals, which is also quite interesting.

Pick the best channel from this list to get your daily dose of knowledge on YouTube. Learn while being entertained with the creators of these educational YouTube channels.

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