The Best Travel Apps You Should Have When On Vacation

The Best Travel Apps You Should Have When On VacationIt’s finally summer, and it’s time to start thinking about your upcoming vacation. During the days off everybody wants to stay totally relaxed and peaceful. To get the most out of your trip, install some very helpful and handy travel apps on your smartphone. These apps will definitely give you some extra convenience while being on vacation. We have compiled a list of the best travel apps you should have when traveling that will save your nerves, funds, photos, assets, and health. Take a look at our list of these apps for travel below.

Maps: Google Maps (iOS, Android)
Obviously, the first travel app to be installed before going to a new destination is Google Maps. This navigation app works perfectly in offline mode so that you can check your location even if you are not connected to any wireless network and are cut off from your local Internet data. Moreover, you can set and upload a route when you have Wi-Fi available and later on use it offline as well.

Weather: AccuWeather (iOS, Android)
When you’re on vacation in a new place and are not familiar with the weather peculiarities of the area, that’s when AccuWeather comes in handy. This weather app can give you both hourly and 15-day forecasts so you can always be prepared for whatever the upcoming hours and days will bring you. Plus, you can add multiple geolocations to track the weather.

Translator: Google Translate (iOS, Android)
When traveling to foreign countries it’s a must to have a decent translation app in order to communicate with the locals. Google Translate is a must-have travel app that allows you to translate text (typed and written), pictures taken with the camera, and voice translations. It supports 52 languages offline under the condition that these language files are downloaded in advance, which can be highly convenient.

Wi-Fi hotspots: WiFi Map (iOS, Android)
Living in modern times, being disconnected from the Internet is really tough. It is especially crucial to stay online when on vacation in order to check out information about the area and follow all your spontaneous ideas. The WiFi Map app will help you to get access to a ton of public networks in multiple countries. Simply find the closest hotspot and its password and enjoy Internet access.

Eat out and sightsee: Foursquare (iOS, Android) and TripAdvisor (iOS, Android)
Other cultures and places offer new local cuisine along with some significant places that are must-sees. These two travel apps will help you out with selecting the best rated places to grab lunch, have a fine diner, and enjoy the local beauties of the destination. The best part about these two apps is that you get to read reviews from real people who have been to these places.

Finance calculator: Mint (iOS, Android)
If you’re on a budget, it’s always better to track all your recent payments in order to calculate your expenses properly. Mint lets you add your expenses according to location and track your financial flow on the go. There’s an option in the app to create a budget in which you can see how much have you spent and how much is left from your budget.

Exchange rates: XE Currency (iOS, Android)
To clearly understand how much you are spending, it’s always better to know the exchange rate into your local currency. This helps you to avoid excessive spending, which usually leaves a bitter aftertaste to the vacation in general. XE Currency is a great currency converter that will help you track all the latest changes in the currency rates and calculate the prices of the required currency as well.

First aid: First Aid by American Red Cross (iOS, Android)
Being in a new place, totally relaxed, and surrounded by people who might not speak the same language as you might not be the best option if an emergency occurs. It’s smart to avoid any risk and get yourself this app that will guide you through the actions that need to be taken if you or someone you are with requires first aid.

Insurance and inventory: My eVault (iOS)
When we go on vacation, we never expect that something bad might happen. However, it’s a great idea to have all the information about your assets (both home belongings and some pricey electronics you take with you on your trip), just in case. Make sure you take pictures and enter all the required info about your assets to estimate their value in My eVault travel app to claim it in case of an emergency.

Camera self-timer: GorillaCam (iOS) and BestMe Selfie Camera (Android)
Instead of bothering random passersby to take your photos, and to avoid the disappointment of blurry images taken by random people, use these camera self-timer apps. Simply install this app and delay the photograph by a certain time so you can prepare for the perfect selfie. These apps also offer plenty of other additional features for taking photos.

Any trip can be made more pleasant and comfortable with the help of the above-listed travel apps. Make sure you install and customize them in advance. To travel around a new destination like a boss and never get lost, read our review of the best free navigation apps for Android and iOS.

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  1. When we travel abroad an app we use and depend on is called Simply Declare. It makes sure we know exactly how much we spent for custom before we get to our board. We started with the free version, but upgraded to the pro to get the added currency converter feature and more currencies.

  2. Great apps! I use almost all of them! But concerning navigation I love Spyglass gps app, that has a lot of features for those who are not very good at orienting (like me). It shows your accurate position on a map and allows to save locations for tracking (e.g. your car or your hotel location). Really helpful

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