How To Change Your Life With Apps

Change Your Life With AppsWhen you suffer from certain pitfalls in your life, the solution always turns out to be simple. Overweight? Eat healthy! Unsuccessful? Make a move! Lack motivation? Get inspired! In reality, none of these mantras work in the majority of cases. Mere words are not efficient enough without extra help and effort. As unexpected as it may sound, mobile apps can do a great job in helping you make positive changes. Check a list of life-changing apps that we’ve made: although these tools alone can’t fix all your issues, they can doubtlessly make you take your steps towards improvement.

1. Secret
If you think that you’re alone with your problems, check Secret. This is the place where people share their thoughts anonymously, which means there’s no place for shame and hesitation. If the troubles you’re going through feel too overwhelming, read the posts made by other people to feel that everyone has problems, and some of them are even similar to yours. The overall positivity of the posts really make you smile and get ready to move on.

2. Beeminder
Most people have lots of ideas, plans for the future, and wishes; oftentimes, the overall sense of dissatisfaction arises from these ideas and plans staying unfulfilled for a long time. Procrastination, laziness, self-esteem issues and lack of confidence are only a few reasons why these wishes never come true. However, in many cases, a bit of self-organization is a factor that can get the things going. Beeminder can help you with that: basically, it a user friendly organizer that can handle all spheres of life (from sports to business and personal achievements). Thus, if you want to turn your life the other way round and cover a lot of things at the same time, this would be your best app solution.

3. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal
The first step to a better life is a step towards solving your hang-ups issues. If you believe that you are overweight and want to look better, try Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker as your personal dietitian. Eating healthy is not only the way to lose pounds but also an outstanding method of improving your overall health. The program possesses an enormous database that lists almost all types of existing foods. Besides, it’s fairly easy to use and allows you to add friends to get support from other people.

4. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax
Anxiety and stress are key factors of human dissatisfaction. It’s hard to stay calm in our stressful environment, and the Calm app is a tool that can help you find balance and harmony. Primarily, the program dwells upon meditation. You can check one of seven guided meditation sessions of different durations (from 2 to 30 minutes). You can use calming background sounds and songs while you are meditating, and also choose meditations for different purposes: relaxation, creativity, confidence, sleep, etc.

5. Panic Attacks? Learn How to Deal with Panic Attacks and Anxiety Attacks
Occasional stress is quite easy to overcome: usually, it disappears when the stress factor is no longer there. However, some people suffer from panic attacks, which is a much more serious health issue. When it strikes you, it’s crucial to have an emergency tool to calm down. This application helps people cope with panic attacks by getting guided relaxation techniques, special music and related tips and videos.

Technology is meant to help people in all spheres of life, including physical and emotional well-being. When it seems like all your friends are gone and you’re left alone with your problems, apps can give you a hand and make things better. Hopefully, one of the listed tools will succeed in making a difference.

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