Top 10 YouTube Workout Channels For Men

YouTube Workout ChannelsFall is the high time for anyone to start building the perfect beach body. It takes several months for you to actually notice the changes of your body’s appearance, so the sooner you start, the sooner you will be proud to rip off your jeans or t-shirt in public places. Random thoughts and dreams of a hot and fit body are great, but where do we begin? In a gym with a personal trainer? Nah, who wants to pay someone for information you can get for free directly from fitness gurus. Go to YouTube, watch videos of people who understand working out much better than an average trainer in your gym next door and you will learn everything you need to and even more. Don’t know which YouTube channels to turn to? Not a problem, here in this article we have reviewed the best YouTube workout channels for men for you to check out.

1. Six Pack Shortcuts
If you are a mister Muffin Top, this guy should now become your best friend. His specialty is six packs (which is clear according to his YouTube username). What we found amazing was that in the beginning of his videos he speaks a bit about theory and general info and then he shows various exercises. He comments on everything so you have an idea of what you are doing at this very moment and why. Also, he looks extremely friendly so you are not terrified by the upcoming workout at all. He also has a channel called Home Fat Loss Workout where you can learn a lot about nutrition, hormones, reasons for fat gain and other tips along with proper exercises that any person can do at home.

2. BeFit
BeFit is your type of YouTube fitness channel if you have no clue on how to start working out and what to do. This channel is full of videos where you have a trainer and a team of fellow athletes who follow the trainer’s instruction. All you need to do is read a description of what kind of workout it is in the video’s title and choose one that you are looking for. There are cardio, ballet, dance, lift weight and many other types of activities, so you will definitely find something interesting for yourself.

3. FitnessBlender
FitnessBlender is a YouTube workout channel where you will see a couple of trainers who also show you what to do depending on your goals. Compared to BeFit it looks a bit amateur and it is not that fun to follow their instructions. You don’t feel that you are fully involved unlike with BeFit. Good thing is that this couple shows a lighter and a harder version of each exercise so you can select the one that is better for your level. What we enjoyed is a timer that is always on the screen so you know for how long you need to torture yourself with this workout routine. What we didn’t enjoy is the atmosphere; the exercises are just exercises, they are not fun or exciting and the videos and narrations to videos are also pretty dull.

4. strengthcamp
The person behind this channel is Elliott Hulse, and we should warn you that he is not afraid to curse in his videos. It would be nice if his speech becomes more appropriate, but after you see him, you will definitely not want to comment in a negative way on the style of narration he uses in his videos. He actually gives great advice and answers a ton of letters from people who ask him for help. There are videos showing him doing the routine so you can check the right technique of doing exercises. With the help of this channel you will learn a lot of theory and will be able to improve the quality of your workout sessions. Also, while watching the videos of Elliott performing some of his routines you will work on your jaw muscles thanks to the constant jaw dropping you will experience.

5. The Hodgetwins
The Hodge twins are brothers-entrepreneurs who not only share great tips for working out, but give personal advice, reviews of the latest videos and news and do that all in a hilarious way. Their sense of humor is phenomenal and you not only find out a lot of great info about workouts but you also have a great time. These guys use only healthy and natural methods of gaining weight so following their advice is absolutely safe.

6. CT Fletcher Motivation
This YouTube workout channel is perfect if you are looking for motivation, for advice and the right technique. The host of the channel can convince basically anyone to start working out. After you see him in action there is no way you can stay at home. All in all, there are a lot of emotions in his videos and a lot of explicit words. But listening to his advice is very encouraging because if he was able to become this big, then you can too.

7. ScottHermanFitness
The person behind this channel is Scott Herman and he not only runs a YouTube fitness channel dedicated to working out, but also shares great healthy recipes, tips on nutrition, and has a forum where you can contact him directly. So, if you have any questions regarding your gym routine – join any of his communities. Again, in his videos he explains his workout methods and the right techniques.

8. OfficialBarstarzz
This channel introduces to you a whole bunch of trainers that show plenty of ways to improve your physique without any gym membership. The majority of workouts they do are outside, right on the street, so any person is capable of repeating it. They also do plenty of inspirational videos about how people have changed thanks to fitness. So this channel is one to watch; learn the tips and the theory and then go outside and practice.

9. OmarIsuf
This is one of those channels where you want to go back because of the host. Omar Isuf is one of those popular but nice kids in school with whom you always wanted to be friends. He not only gives great advice on what to do, he speaks a lot about his personal experience, about the mistakes he made and so on. He has a channel where he has videos in collaboration with Elliott Hulse (strengthcamp) and on these videos they work out together. The muscle anatomy playlist will help you understand the theory as he explains how the muscles are located and what exactly you need to do to improve each one. Of course, his ‘how to’ tutorials will show the right technique and he is also available to answer his fans’ questions in a pretty awesome way.

10. Matty Fusaro
This YouTube fitness channel has 2 hosts. Here you can learn about workout routines, nutrition and much more. These guys answer questions of their fans and share awesome recipes so you can learn what to eat, how to eat, how to cook, how to work out and other relevant helpful information. All in all we have a very positive impression of this channel and it is very pleasant to watch.

Bonus 11 YouTube channel: Frank Medrano
This is not a channel to which you subscribe to learn something or to check the technique of squats. This is THE YouTube channel you need to subscribe to if you have thought about working out. This is not an educational or a ‘how to’ channel. This is the channel where Frank Medrano shows what he can do with his body (and he shows a lot). This is THE motivation you need and we guarantee you will watch his videos over and over and over again. We did, by the way. And we will probably watch them a couple more times. Or a dozen more times, who knows. Anyway, the 20 million people who watched his videos can’t be wrong. Just open the channel and you will understand everything yourself.

Working out is somewhat like a drug – the more you get involved, the more time you want to spend in your gym, at home on the gym mat or outside with other street workout buddies. All these YouTube hosts look how they look now only because they were constantly working on their body condition. But, if they could, that simply means that you can also do that. Build your routine and get involved little by little along with increasing the volume and very soon you will see the results. The inspirational person we would like to point out is Blacke Beckford. This person has an ileostomy and has had part of his colon removed. Despite this, he looks even better now than before the surgery. If he can do it, you also can do it.

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