20 Software Giveaway Websites: Review

20 Software Giveaway Websites: ReviewWith a growing number of tasks that should be done on your computer, the number of helpful software is also increasing. There are free programs that you can use at no cost, as well as paid ones in which you pay for the licenses. However, if you’re a student or just on a budget, most likely you would like to save some money. In this case, giveaway websites will come to your rescue.

Such resources offer licenses for the paid programs at no cost, and you can own a shareware program legally and for free. The majority of giveaway offer you free or discounted licenses at certain terms. Say, you can use the programs for free, however the updates and the tech support is not included for the giveaway versions of the programs.

If you’re interested in this kind of deal, check out the list of 20 software giveaway websites we reviewed.

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Alternatives to Facebook: Are There Any?

Alternatives to FacebookSince recently Facebook became a part of Meta platform, plenty of people started thinking about about possible alternatives to Facebook. Let’s see if we can really find some decent alternative social media to this one.

Ever since it popped out a decade ago, Facebook has been a ubiquitous part of our lives. Nearly everyone you know is on Facebook, or at least used to be.However, there’s an increasing movement of people who are ditching Facebook and turning to alternative social media platforms. There are plenty of reasons for this. A lot of users are fed up with the constant stream of toxicity and advertisements. Others don’t want their personal data to be used by Facebook and now the whole Meta company to make money. Some prefer not to use a platform that allows misinformation and abuse to spread.

That said, it’s impossible to ditch social media and all the apps like Facebook entirely. It’s just too valuable for keeping in touch with other people. If you leave all social media, you will miss out on a lot of networking opportunities and fun events.

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Alternative Search Engines to Try in 2021

Alternative search enginesGoogle has been dominating the search engine industry for as long as we can remember. You will be surprised to know that there are plenty of alternative search engines that you can turn to. When do you remember using another search engines other than Google? Even if you do, it was probably because you used some other browser that by default took you to a different default search engine.

There are some very good search engines that are decent alternatives to Google even this day. They might not get the exposure that they deserve due to very little market share. Our goal today is to introduce those alternative search engines to give you a new perspective on the web search.

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WeTransfer Alternatives: Top 5 Options

WeTransfer AlternativesWeTransfer is one of the most popular ways of free file sharing. But are there any decent WeTransfer alternatives you can turn to? Let’s figure this out in this article.

Online file sharing is one of the most useful ways to exchange documents, media files, and PDFs. It’s commonly used by students working on a project together or in business environment that require collaboration and review. WeTransfer is one of many free file sharing services. It’s a relatively basic tool with a free and an upgraded paid option. Free users can share files up to 2GB in size. Recipients have access to the file via a public link for seven days.

While WeTransfer is a respectable option, it has limited features in terms of large file sharing. For example, free users can’t create an account to keep track of their file and must await email updates from the service. Public access links and the lack of password protection poses a security concern for professional use. And though 2GB’s worth of file transfer is nothing to scoff at, other services have higher limits. Keep reading to learn about five WeTransfer alternatives for free file sharing.

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Online Safety Tips: 10 Essential Tips

Online Safety TipsOnline safety is hugely important – especially with how often we now use online technologies. We are continually online – via our smart television, when we use social media apps on our smartphones, or when we do online shopping and check emails on our computers.

The online world has become integrated into our daily lives, and this is why these Internet safety tips we have listed are so important. There are a plethora of hackers and cybercriminals who act unethically online and use various methods to try and steal your personal data, card information, or simply to cause disruptions.

You must therefore be guarded when online, and understand how to protect yourself. To ensure you can do this, we have listed 10 online safety tips that you can put into practice immediately!

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Best Online PDF Editor of 2018

Best Online PDF EditorThe PDF has been around for a quarter of a century, but still users flock to the file format because of its sheer usability. In a cross-platform, multi-device environment, PDFs are a fantastic way to view documents because they present content in exactly the same way across any device and any platform. While they are amazing for sharing, editing PDF files can be trickier and sometimes expensive.
Leading premium PDF creation and editing tools charge a premium for their features. The reason for this is Adobe, the company that created the PDF format and still owns much of the underlying tech. Companies who want to create PDF editors must license this technology from Adobe for a fee, which of course customers end up paying.
However, that’s not always the case. Free online PDF editors have become increasingly functional in recent years and are a welcome alternative for users. No longer do we need to pay to edit PDF and no longer do we need to download a program. The advantages of an online PDF editor include being able to edit a document on the fly, without a PC, through a web app.
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Stress Management Websites

Stress Management WebsitesThe number of people who struggle with various mental diseases has increased considerably in our modern society. Social media, interacting with other people, socializing, pressure at work, insecurities of all kinds and multiple other factors can lead to mental unbalance and stress. As a tribute to World Mental Health Week, we decided to dedicate this article to the ways the Internet can help people cope with stress. Take a look at our list of stress management websites that might be helpful for you on your way to overcoming stress.
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Firefox Add-ons for Secure Browsing

Firefox Add-ons for Secure BrowsingMozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers, thanks to a large number of add-ons that can help users customize the program according to their needs and preferences. One of the most popular types of add-ons to install is one that increases the level of security while online. Indeed, it’s important to protect your personal information, passwords, and both your browser and computer from dangerous websites, malicious scripts, and cookies. If you’re questioning which Firefox extensions you should install to stay safe while browsing, then take a look at our list of Firefox add-ons for secure browsing below.
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Online Schedule Maker: Top 4 Choices

Online Schedule Maker: Top 4 ChoicesLiving in the modern world, we need to be in the right places at the right moments. A regular person has a lot of things going on, and it’s crucial to have everything scheduled for at least a week or so in advance. It’s nice to have calendars in front of you so you can visually see what’s planned. Another popular way to keep a schedule is by having them available through mobile apps. A good option is to have a calendar on a website since you can access it from any device or machine. Thus, we reviewed online schedule makers that will help you to have your schedules to hand all the time.
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Best Free Typing Lessons

Best Free Typing LessonsThanks to the stable integration of technology into every part of our everyday life, we are facing less and less handwritten paperwork. These days it’s much more important to have excellent typing skills than have exquisite handwriting. There is no doubt that if you are able to touch type it will save you plenty of time rather than when you’re typing something with just your two index fingers. We reviewed the best free online typing lessons for you to master your typing skills. See our results below.
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